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About Graduate Studies in Law

Professor Richard Gold, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies (Law)

We do law differently at McGill. And we do it best.

The McGill Faculty of Law is one of the highest ranking law schools for a reason: uniquely in the world, we bring together not only the best minds, but an intimate understanding of how law, culture, people and economies work together.

Through our transsystemic program, we not only teach what the law is, but how it can be used in practice, how different cultures and traditions shape the meaning and outcomes of law, and examine the symbolic meaning of legal rules and how they affect people and their communities.

Legal studies at McGill opens a window into how people, communities and their institutions govern themselves and how they can better govern themselves.

It is no surprise, therefore, that each year McGill Law welcomes dozens of bright legal minds from around the world to become members of our community. Master's (LLM) and doctoral (DCL) students come to McGill from around the globe, with varied life and professional experiences, and a wide array of educational and legal backgrounds.

We designed our programs to respond both to the needs of those seeking further professional development and of those interesting in pursuing academic careers. Some students seek to deepen knowledge in a field in which they are already well versed while others come to McGill to explore new specialities. Whatever your background, whether you come to us out of a desire to upgrade your professional skills, alter the course of your careers or start something completely new, McGill offers a home to the intellectually curious and engaged.

Our students play key roles in the life and research at the Faculty. Through informal conversations in our hallways, to questioning of visiting experts, students constantly challenge and engage in developing an exiting and challenging environment. They take advantage of the fact that McGill Law sits at the crossroads of language, legal systems, cultures and academic disciplines and that Montreal is a world-class, creative and exiting city.

As the stories that our alumni recite on Our Alumni: Where Are They Now? webpage, our students leave McGill changed. In the process, they change us. Together we create a formidable, global and constantly expanding and evolving community that provides a home for thought, connections that last a lifetime, and opportunities to continually explore the law.

We hope that you will consider joining and enriching our community at McGill in our beautiful, multicultural city of Montreal. We look forward to welcoming you here!

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