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  • [12 Sep] Cheers to Richard Lehun, our newest Doctor of Civil Law

    Richard Lehun (holding flowers), shown here with his jury, successfully defended his thesis, "The Emancipatory Justice Claim", prepared under the supervision of Prof. Richard Janda (3rd from left).

  • Bravo to new Doctor of Civil Law, Ruiqiao Zhang

    Ruiqiao Zhang successfully defended her thesis, "A better understanding of dual ownership of trust property and its introduction in China through comparative studies" today. She is seen here with her supervisor, Prof. Lionel Smith, and her jury.

  • Bravo to Edin Hodžić, newly minted Doctor of Civil Law

    [May 6] Congratulations to Edin Hodžić (3rd from right, with his jury), who successfully defended his doctoral thesis, "The (not so) gentle civilizer of consociations? International human rights law & the challenges of group political rights."

  • Bravo, Dr. Gani Bitenov!

    [14 April] Gani Bitenov (centre, holding bouquet) has successfully defended his thesis on "Regulating trade in petroleum under the WTO Regime: trade rules vs. reality of the petroleum industry," prepared under the supervision of Prof. Fabien Gélinas.

  • ¡Felicitaciones, Dr. Carlos Ivan Fuentes!

    [14 March] We are happy to announce that Carlos Ivan Fuentes successfully defended his doctoral thesis. He is seen here surrounded by his jury and supervisor.

    Thesis Defense
  • Cheers to Dr Amar Khoday!

    [5 Feb] Amar Khoday (at centre) successfully defended his doctoral thesis. He is shown here with his jury, profs Evan Fox-Decent, Payam Akhavan, Fréderic Mégret, Sean Rehaag, Alana Klein and Marcel Behr.

  • Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

    [Dec 18] We are happy to announce that Philipp Kastner (shown here with his jury) completed his doctoral defense with flying colours. Bravo to Dr Kastner!

  • ¡Felicitaciones!


    [Dec 11] Meet our newest Doctor of Civil Law, Enrique Boone Barrera (holding bouquet and seen here with his jury and his supervisor), who successfully defended his thesis today.

  • Congratulations!


    [5 Dec] Our warmest congratulations to new Doctor of Civil Law, Marie-Ève Couture Ménard (holding bouquet) who successfully defended her thesis. She is seen here with her supervisor and jury.

  • Daniel Clarry, LLM student

    Talking about graduate studies in law

    LLM student Daniel Clarry and DCL student Kate Glover are featured in two videos where they share what led them to graduate legal studies and what kind of research they are interested in.

    Watch the videos...
  • McGill's Institute of Air and Space Law

    Learn more about the IASL, its faculty members, graduate students and alumni in this 10 minute video celebrating the Institute's 60th anniversary.

    See video on YouTube

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