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Meet our ambassadors: videos

McGill Law students come to the Faculty with diverse backgrounds and interests. Check out this series of videos introducing five McGill Law students (now recent graduates) whose passions include business law, information technology, human rights and community outreach.

Georgia Papadolias (en français)

Georgia a commencé ses études en droit après avoir obtenu son diplôme d'études collégiales du cégep Collège André-Grasset à Montréal. Elle parle de la vie étudiante à la Faculté, ainsi que de son rôle comme coordinatrice des activités d'orientation pour les nouveaux étudiants. Lien direct: youtu.be/ajSlTIsOjHc



Michael Bookman (in English)


Michael is a reservist in the Canadian Navy who worked for a consulting firm in London before coming to McGill. With a broad range of interests including playing intramural rugby and singing in an a cappella group, Mike found that some of the most exciting opportunities at the Faculty arise from knocking on someone's door. Direct link: youtu.be/xG7DoXVpodM


Tanya de Mello (in English)

Tanya was admitted at some of the most competitive law schools in the Northeast United States, and chose McGill for its unique approach to studying common and civil law in French and in English. She talks about applying her legal studies to her passion for fieldwork. Direct link: youtu.be/ynDLugIejjU


Gjergji Hasa (in English)

Gjergji Hasa arrived from Albania in 2003. He completed a degree in political science at Concordia, while learning – and becoming fluent in – both English and French. A volunteer for the McGill Legal Information Clinic, Gjergji hopes to eventually use his law degree to bring political and economic stability to his country. Direct link: youtu.be/mrXCKxuYCMU


Waleed Bishouty (in English)

Waleed obtained his undergraduate degree in computer science in Amman, Jordan, where he was born. He explains how he made the leap from computer scientist to lawyer-in-training and how the experience reinforced his desire to learn about both the common law and the civil law. Direct link: youtu.be/Q5OYogVHzwg