CEGEP transcript issues

McGill is experiencing technical difficulties retrieving electronic CEGEP transcripts. Programmers are working on resolving the issue. If your CEGEP transcript is missing, there is nothing that you need to do. No applicant will be penalized for a missing CEGEP transcript. Once the issue is resolved, your file will be updated.

Some email servers are blocking our auto-generated acknowledgement email to applicants.

If you applied over 48 hours ago and have not received an acknowledgement email, kindly write to [at] with your full name and the date that you submitted the application. We will send you a PDF copy of your acknowledgement letter. We regret the inconvenience. This situation does not affect the deadline for supporting documents, which is November 8 for University and Mature applicants.

The application and admissions process

BEFORE APPLYING, read the following carefully:

Once you have read these instructions, proceed to applying in two steps:

  1. Complete the McGill online application
    Application fee: A non-refundable application fee of $107.50 is required to apply to the B.C.L./LL.B. program. A credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express only) is required to complete the online application form.
    If you cannot pay by credit card, please contact the [at] (Admissions Office) at the Faculty of Law. The Faculty may issue a fee waiver to a candidate demonstrating significant financial need.
  2. Upload your supporting documents via Minerva (except for reference letters, which must be sent by email or mail)

Apply early and send in your documents promptly

Law at McGill is a limited enrollment program. Apply as early as possible and ensure that we have received all required supporting documents on or before the appropriate deadline. Files are reviewed only when complete.

1. Online application

Candidates must apply to the B.C.L./LL.B. program online and pay the application fee by credit card. The online application is available as of September 1. In order to avoid unnecessary processing delays, please read the help sections of the online application carefully. Please [at] (email) the Undergraduate Admissions Office at the Faculty of Law if you are unable to apply online (transfer candidates).

Once you have applied, an acknowledgement notice will be sent to the email address indicated on your application within the 48 hours following the submission of your application form. If you have not received your acknowledgment notice 3 days after completing your application, you should contact the Admissions Office at the Faculty of Law (514-398-6602 or [at] (email)).

Our How to apply page explains how to access the web application form and what the procedure is.


All candidates who submit an online application will be invited to fill out a survey once the application has been submitted and the application fee paid. We ask that you kindly fill out the survey, which enables us to gain a better understanding of our pool of applicants. This survey is part of a larger effort to tackle barriers to legal education and to have the legal community better reflect the population. This information is collected for statistical purposes only and is not linked to your admission file as reviewed by the Admissions Committee. The Faculty of Law thanks you in advance for your cooperation.

2. Verifying the status of your application via Minerva

Your acknowledgment notice will provide you with your McGill Identification (ID), and a password that you will need to log in to the Minerva website.  On this website, you will be able to check the status of your application and, as your supporting documents are received and recorded, you will be able to verify which documents (if any) are still missing. Please check the status of your application checklist regularly. New items may also be added to your checklist when necessary to complete the admissions file.  It is important that applicants respond to such requests for documentation by uploading the appropriate document in a timely manner. 

You are responsible for monitoring the status of your application on Minerva. When verifying the status of your application, an indication of "Items outstanding" means that your application is incomplete. If your application remains incomplete after the deadline for submission of supporting documents, your application will be cancelled. An indication of "Ready for review" means that your file is complete and/or under review by the Admissions Committee. Your status will indicate "Ready for Review" until a final decision is rendered.

  • Your file will not be cancelled if only your LSAT score is missing after the deadline. The status of your application will indicate "Items outstanding" until we get your score. If writing the LSAT, your file will be circulated for review by the Admissions Committee only when all pending LSAT results are received.

During peak periods (i.e., close to the deadlines), the Admissions Office receives a high volume of documents and there may be a delay of up to 48 hours between the receipt of a document and the date on which it is recorded in our information system and verifiable by you on Minerva. Taking this delay into consideration, please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office only if your file remains incomplete 48 hours past the deadline.

3. Uploading supporting documents via Minerva

Candidates must UPLOAD supporting documents via Minerva after having completed the online application (after having received the acknowledgment notice via email). Not all documents may be uploaded via Minerva. See the "Admissions checklist" and "Uploading supporting documents" sections for more information.

4. Review of application by Admissions Committee

Once an application is complete, it is reviewed by the Admissions Committee. Without exception, every application to the McGill Program is reviewed by at least one member of the Admissions Committee; the majority of applications are reviewed by two or three members. Committee members carefully review all documents submitted and evaluate the candidacy according to the Faculty's Admissions Policy, and in comparison to all other candidates in the applicant pool.

5. Decision on Applications

The official decision of the Admissions Committee of the Faculty of Law is released by electronic mail and confirmed via the candidate's Minerva account. Decisions on individual applications will not be disclosed over the phone. After reviewing each application, the Admissions Committee will admit or refuse the applicant, or place the candidate on a waitlist.

Every effort is made to inform candidates of the decision of the Admissions Committee at the earliest possible date. However, the process is labour-intensive and may extend into June. Final decision about applicants who have been placed on the waitlist may be made until the end of August.


A positive decision on an application will be available on Minerva. Official acceptance letters will also be available on Minerva. You are invited to print your acceptance letter for your record as the faculty does not mail them. International candidates should print multiple copies of their acceptance letter for their immigration process.

Candidates who are offered admission will be given a delay (see Accepting our Offer) to accept or decline the offer of admission. If no response is received by the Undergraduate Admissions Office upon expiration of the delay indicated in the offer letter, the offer of admission will be withdrawn.


A candidate may be placed on the waitlist if the application is considered admissible but there are no available places in the class at that particular moment in the process. We have no ranking of students whose files have been placed on the waiting. Every effort is made to inform candidates of the decision of the Admissions Committee at the earliest possible date.  Final decision about applicants who have been placed on the waitlist may be made until the end of August. The decision "Waiting List" and the waitlist letter will be available in Minerva for all candidates placed on the waitlist.


Candidates in the Cegep category whose applications, upon review by the Admissions Committee, are regarded as potentially admissible will be invited to sit a twenty-five-minute interview.

Candidates in the Mature category whose applications, upon review by the Admissions Committee, are regarded as potentially admissible may be invited to sit a twenty-five-minute interview. The Committee may, at its discretion, request that other applicants attend an interview in some instances.

Interviews take place in Montreal or, if it is not possible, by videoconference. All interviews are conducted in English and French. Admission interviews are generally held from mid-March to mid-May.


A candidate whose application is refused by the Admissions Committee will be informed of the decision by electronic mail and via Minerva.

We understand candidates' disappointment at being refused admission and invite them to view our Re-Applicant Workshop.  Note that a candidacy will not be sent again to the Admissions Committee at the request of a refused candidate.