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Studying Law at McGill

Information sessions now available as webcasts

Did you miss our Workshop for Re-Applicants (23 Sep 2013) or our General Information Session (8 Oct 2013)?

You can now view them online directly as webcasts: see our Re-Applicant Workshop and our General Information Session.

McGill Law students come to the Faculty with diverse backgrounds and interests. Check out a series of videos introducing five recent graduates whose passions include business law, information technology, human rights and community outreach.

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Studying Law at McGill: From and To the World

Our legal education program attracts curious and committed students from across Canada and around the world. Discover how our program’s unique design, our Faculty’s unique location and our community’s unique diversity create in McGill a congenial space where ideas meet.

Come with your eyes and mind wide open and join a community that knows no bounds.

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Native cities of our undergraduate students (2008-2010)

McGill Law students hail from across Canada and around the world. Explore a map of the native cities of our current undergraduate students.