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The McGill International Journal of Sustainable Development Law and Policy (JSDLP) provides a forum in which the world’s leading scholars exchange ideas on the intersection between law, development, the environment, economics, and society. Over the past quarter-century, determining how to enrich our world in a more sustainable fashion has become an imperative, especially given the impact of development on the environment and human rights. Despite this pressing need for new ideas, there are few outlets for informed and focused commentary on sustainability, particularly in Canada. In response to this void, students at the Faculty of Law of McGill University established the JSDLP, a student-run, peer-reviewed academic journal, in 2004.

Call for Submissions, Volume 13

The JSDLP is currently accepting submissions for Volume 13. Please see our Submissions page for more information.


Apply now to join the Volume 13 team!

The JSDLP is hiring associate editors and associate managing editors for Volume 13! If interested, please complete the relevant application package and send to jsdlp-exec [dot] law [at] mcgill [dot] ca no later than 11:59pm on Saturday, September 10th 2016. Feel free to email us with any questions, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Associate Editor (EN)

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Rédacteur associé / Rédactrice associée (FR)

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Associate Managing Editor

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The JSDLP is now on Youtube! 

In November 2014 we sat down with three experts on the new Canada-Europe free trade agreement, CETA, to ask them their perspectives on what impacts the treaty would have on the environment.



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