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Editorial Board

The JSDLP Editorial Board is made of students at the McGill University Faculty of Law.  The current Editorial Board is featured below, with past boards archived in the menu to the left.

Volume 10 Editorial Board

Jessica Magonet

Executive Editors
Justin Fisch
Olivier Jarda

Managing Editor
Carole Gilbert

Associate Managing Editors
Patrick Shannon
Xiaocai Fu
Amanda Ghahremani
Jonathan Brosseau-Rioux

Case Comment Editor
Audrey Mocle

French Language Editor
Michaël Lessard 

Book Review Editor
Caroline Belair

Senior Editors
Jonathan McGillivray
Carolyn Poutiainen
Andra Syvanen
Timothy Apedaile

Associate Editors
Sebastian Bechtel
Jonathan Brosseau-Rioux
Nicolas Benoît-Guay
Angèle Périllat-Amédée
Émilie Gravelle
Sarah Munsch
Frédérique St. Jean
David Suk
Charlotte Harman
Fraser Harland
Brodie Noga
Tyler Meyer
Julie Lesage
Jessica De Santi
Linda El Halabi
Rose Massicotte
Warwick Walton

Faculty Advisor
Prof. Richard Janda 

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