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Minor Concentration in Jewish Law (18 credits)

(Gisia Kisilevsky Program in Jewish Law)


Professor lawrence [dot] kaplan [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Lawrence Kaplan) , 398-5008
Leacock Building, Room 939

This Minor Concentration in Jewish Law is designed to provide students with a special interest in Law, and particularly students from the Faculty of Law who are now permitted a Minor in the Faculty of Arts, a basic but comprehensive knowledge of the concepts and methods related to Jewish Law.

Complementary Courses (18 credits)

JWST 201 Jewish Law (3)
JWST 216 Jewish Studies 2: 400 BCE-1000 (3)
HIST 207 Jewish History:400 BCE to 1000 (3)
JWST 316 Soc&Eth Issues Jewish Law 1 (3)
JWST 374 Talmud and Law 1: Bava Kamma (3)
JWST 375 Talmud and Law 2: Bava Metzia (3)
JWST 474 Maimonides\' Mishneh Torah (3)
JWST 475 The Responsa Literature (3)
JWST 576 Jewish Family Law (3)