Postdoctoral Fellows

Simon and Ethel Flegg Postdoctoral Fellows


Ofer Dynes

Jessica Roda, B.A, M.A (Sorbonne University). Ph.D (Sorbonne University-Université de Montréal)


Amit Assis, B.A. (Hebrew University), M.A. (Bar Ilan University), Ph.D. ((Bar Ilan University)
Native Israeli (‘Sabra’) Literature and Culture; Rabbinic Narrative; Spatial Culture; Cultural and literary Semiotics; Authorship Function in Jewish Studies; Digital Textuality

Igor H. de Souza, B.A. (University of Tennessee ), M.A., Ph.D. (University of Chicago)
Jewish Thought and Textuality; Sephardic Jewish Culture (Portugal & Portuguese Diaspora)

Ori Yehudai, B.A., M.A., (Tel Aviv University), M.A., Ph.D.(University of Chicago)
Modern Jewish history; Zionism and the State of Israel; migration and displacement; the Holocaust and its aftermath