Jewish Studies 2011: Refereed Publications and other scholarly activities

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Edited Books

Fraenkel, Carlos. Vehicles of Transmission, Translation, and Transformation in Medieval Culture, eds. Carlos Fraenkel, Jamie Fumo, Faith Wallis, and Robert Wisnovsky, Cursor Mundi Series of the UCLA Center of Medieval Studies published by Brepols, 2011.

Book Chapters

Fraenkel, Carlos.  “Inroduction” (with Jamie Fumo, Faith Wallis and Robert Wisnovsky) to Translation, Transmission, Transformation in Medieval Culture, eds. Carlos Fraenkel, Jamie Fumo, Faith Wallis, and Robert Wisnovsky, Cursor Mundi Series of the UCLA Center of Medieval Studies published by Brepols, 2011.

Fraenkel, Carlos.  “Integrating Greek Philosophy into Jewish and Christian Contexts in Antiquity: The Alexandrian Project” in Translation, Transmission, Transformation in Medieval Cultures, eds. Carlos Fraenkel, Jamie Fumo, Faith Wallis, and Robert Wisnovsky, Cursor Mundi Series of the UCLA Center of Medieval Studies published by Brepols, 2011.

Fraenkel, Carlos. “Der Status der Theologie: Von der Magd der Philosophie zu einer unabhängigen Disziplin im Renaissance-Averroismus und bei Spinoza,” in Departure for Modern Europe—A Handbook of Early Modern Philosophy (1400 – 1700), ed. Hubertus Busche, Meiner Verlag, 2011. [This is a shorter German version of an English paper I published in 2010].

Kaplan, Lawrence. “Rav Soloveitchik’s The Lonely Man of Faith in Contemporary Modern Orthodox Jewish Thought’’ (in Hebrew), Rabbi in the New World: The Influence of Rabbi J. B Soloveitchik on Culture, Education, and Jewish Thought, eds. Avinoam Rosenak and Naftali Rothenberg (Magnes Press and Van Leer Institute, 2011): 147-176.

Kaplan, Lawrence.“Uncle Melech and Cousin Joey: The Search for the Absent Hero in A.M. Klein’s The Second Scroll and Mordecai Richler’s St. Urbain’s Horseman,” Failure’s Opposite : Listening to A. M. Klein, eds. Norman Ravvin and Sherry Simon (McGill-Queens, 2011), pp. 179-190, 239-242.

Refereed Journal Articles

Kaplan, Lawrence. “’The Starling’s Caw:’ Judah Halevi as Philosopher, Poet, and Pilgrim,”  Review Essay of Adam Shear, The Kuzari and the Shaping of Jewish Identity, 1167-1900, Cambridge University Press, 2008;  Raymond P. Scheindlin, The Song of the Distant Dove: Judah Halevi’s Pilgrimage, Oxford University Press, 2008, and Hillel Halkin, Yehuda Halevi. Next Book, Schocken, 2009. Jewish Quarterly Review 101:1 (2011): 97-132. 

Dictionary Entries and Book Reviews

Caplan, Eric. “Prayer Books: United States,” in the Cambridge Dictionary of Judaism and Jewish Culture. Judith R. Baskin, ed. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press, 2011. p. 494.

Caplan, Eric. Review. Jack Cohen. Democratizing Judaism. Brighton: Academic Studies Press, 2010. H-Judaic, August 25, 2011.

Caplan, Eric. Review. Harold Troper, The Defining Decade: Identity, Politics, and the Canadian Jewish Community in the 1960s. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2010. The Montreal Gazette, January 15, 2011, p. i7.

Fraenkel, Carlos. Review of Milad Doueihi, Augustine and Spinoza in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 19 March 2011.

Fraenkel, Carlos. “Divine reasoning,” Review of Jacob Howland, Plato and the Talmud for Times Literary Supplement, November 4, 2011.

Halevi-Wise, Yael. Review of VeHiTehilateka: Studies in the Works of S. Y. Agnon, A. B. Yehoshua and Amos Oz, by Nitza Ben-Dov. AJS Review 35.1 (Spring 2011): 208-211.

Non-refereed Publications

Fraenkel, Carlos. “Does Brazil Still Need a Revolution?” Dissent, Winter 2011.

Hundert, Gershon. Universal Access to the Civilization of East European Jew. A Decade of Distinction. Ed. Seth Lipsky (May 2011). Center for Jewish History, New York, NY, p. 8.

Presentations in Academic Contexts

Fraenkel, Carlos. “Is there a critique of religion in the TTP?” Midwest Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, University of Madison-Wisconsin, October 21–23, 2011.

Fraenkel, Carlos. [Hebrew] “Philo of Alexandria, Hasdai Crescas and Spinoza on God’s Body and Causality,” International Conference on Hasdai Crescas, Merkaz Zalman Shazar, January 11, 2011.

Halevi-Wise, Yael. “The A-Historic Charity of A. B. Yehoshua’s Hesed Sfaradi: Exactly What Kind of Spanish Charity?” 43rd Annual Conference of the Association for Jewish Studies, Washington DC, December 2011.

Halevi-Wise, Yael.  “From Medieval Sepharad to Contemporary North America: Rebecca Goldstein’s Autobiographical Encounter with Spinoza,” Modern Language Association, Los Angeles, January 2011.

Halevi-Wise, Yael. Participant, MLA Round Table Discussion: “Israeli Literature in the Global Republic of Letters: Influences and Reception,” Modern Language Association, Los Angeles, January 2011.

Halevi-Wise, Yael. “Who Cares about the Sephardic Experience? Spanish-Jewish History and the Modern Literary Imagination, A Brief Overview.” 19th Annual Department of English Colloquium, McGill, March 2011.

Hundert, Gershon. Mining an Unusual Ego Text [or two]. Early Modern Workshop in Jewish History. University of Texas, Austin TX, August 2011.

Kaplan, Lawrence. “On Putting Humpty-Dumpty Together Again: Maimonides’ Evolving Legal Philosophy,” Departmental Seminar, Department of Hebraic and Jewish Studies, New York University, New York City, February, 2011. 

Kaplan, Lawrence. “Can the Halakhah Suspend the Emotions? Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik, Rashi, and Maimonides on the Laws of Mourning” Tikvah Public Lecture, Tikvah Center for Law and Jewish Civilization, New York University Law School, New York City, November, 2011.

Kaplan, Lawrence. “Kashrut and Kugel or Rupture and Reconstruction Reversed: Franz Rosenzweig’s The Builders and Minhag Ashkenaz,” Annual Conference, Association for Jewish Studies, Washington, D.C., Dec., 2011.


Fraenkel, Carlos. FQRSC Team Grant for Interdisciplinary Research, 2008–12 ($338.725) “Translation, Transformation, and Transmission in Medieval Cultures”

Co-researchers: J. Fumo, F. Wallis, and R. Wisnovsky

Fraenkel, Carlos. SSHRC Standard Research Grant, 2008–11 ($ 81.394)

Project: “Religion as the Handmaid of Philosophy: The Impact of Plato’s Political Thought on the Interpretation of Religion in Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Early Modern Period.”

Frank, Esther. “Toward a Poetics of Exile: Poetry by Rokhl Korn.” Arts Insights Initiative Grant, funded by the Faculty of Arts, McGill University.  Research stipend of $5000 ends May 31, 2011.

Halevi-Wise, Yael. SHHRC Standard Research Grant ($36,000; 25,000; 25,000) extended till March 31 2011.

Halevi-Wise, Yael. FQRSC Nouveau Rechercheur ($15,000, $12,000, $12,000] extended till March 312011. 


Visiting Appointments and Fellowships

Aberbach, David. Associate of the Humanities Center, Harvard University,  from January 2010 to December 2011.

Kaplan, Lawrence. Tikvah Fellow: Tikvah Center for Law and Jewish Civilization of the NYU Law School, September1, 2011- June 30, 2012. “Different Methods of Teaching Talmud in Israeli Religious-Zionist Yeshivot”


Hundert, Gershon. Inducted as a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

Official Positions in Learned Societies, Journals, Academic Organizations

Halevi-Wise, Yael. Chair of the MLA's executive committee for Hebrew Literature (2010-11)

Halevi-Wise, Yael. Member of the executive board of Canadian Society for Jewish Studies

Halevi-Wise, Yael. Advisory board of Sephardic Horizons, an online journal devoted to Sephardic history and literature.

Hundert, Gershon. Member, Editorial Board, AJS [Association for Jewish Studies] Review

Hundert, Gershon. Member, Editorial Board, Kwartalnik Historii Żydów (Jewish Historical Institute, Warsaw).

Hundert, Gershon. Secretary, American Academy for Jewish Research.

Hundert, Gershon. Member, Program Committee, Association for Jewish Studies.

Hundert, Gershon. Member, Academic Advisory Board, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, New ‎York City.

Hundert, Gershon. Member, Judaica Europeana Academic Advisory Group.

Hundert, Gershon. Member, Academic Committee of the Jewish History in Galicia and Bukovina ‎Project, Leonid Nevzlin Research Center for Russian and East European Jewry at ‎the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. ‎

Peer Reviewing

Caplan, Eric. Journal of Jewish Education.

Fraenkel, Carlos. American Political Science Review, Journal of the History of Philosophy; book proposals for Cambridge University Press.

Halevi-Wise, Yael. SSHRC Doctoral Evaluation Committee (McGill vetting of applications for doctoral funding in literature and music)

Hundert, Gershon. Jewish History, Jewish Social Studies; book for Yale University Press.

Hundert, Gershon. Review of tenure/promotion files for Northwestern University, Bar Ilan University, Portland State University.

Hundert, Gershon. External reviewer, Centre for Jewish Studies, York University; School of Historical Studies, Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton, NJ; Stanford Humanities Center.


Levy, Barry. Educational consultant, Akiva School (Montreal); Consultant, hiring committee, Bialik High School (Montreal); Consultant for FederationCJA (Montreal) on community response to government directive to stop teaching religion in CPEs.

Community Lectures

Caplan, Eric. “Living our Ethical Commitments: The Role of the Synagogue,” Congregation Dorshei Emet, Montreal, Canada, March 12, 2011.

Caplan, Eric. “Is it Time for a new Kosher? EcoKashrut,” Le-Mood, Montreal, Canada. June 5, 2011.

Fima, Lea. “The Conflict between Religion and Capitalism in Ra’anan Alexandrowicz’s film, Journey to Jerusalem (2003), Israeli Discussion Group, Montreal, Jan. 13, 2011.

Fima, Lea. “Passionate Desire verus Procreation: An Introduction to Haim Tabakman’s film Eyes Wide Open (2009). Diversity Alliance, McGill University, Feb. 17, 2011.

Frank, Esther. Moderator of Literary Festival and panel discussion,  Blue Emet- Dorshei Emet Synagogue (Montreal)-19 20 November 2011.

Gonshor, Anna. “The Power of Yiddish Culture,” Shaare Zion Congregation, Montreal, April 16, 2011.

Gonshor, Anna. “The Family in Modern Yiddish Literature,” Friendship Circle, Cummings Centre for Jewish Seniors, March 8, 2001.

Gonshor, Anna. “Vilna: the Streets Spoke Yiddish,” The Jewish Studies Study Group, February 10, 2011.

Halevi-Wise, Yael. “Sepharadism,” Sha’ar Shomayim’s Study Group Rishon. (October 11, 2011).

Halevi-Wise, Yael. “Jews, Women and Leadership in Literature and Politics: George Eliot,” TBDJ Synagogue (Montreal) (June 8, 2011).

Halevi-Wise, Yael. Rev. of Emuna Elon’s If You Awaken Love, Montreal Bookclub (May 24, 2011).

Halevi-Wise, Yael. Rev. of Amos Oz’s A Tale of Love and Darkness,” Montreal Bookclub (May 5, 2011).

Levy, Barry. Participated on the interfaith panel of the Ismaili national conference held in Montreal, August 2011.

Levy, Barry. Weekly Bible class, Tifferet Beth David Synagogue (Montreal).

Official Positions in Community Organizations

Caplan, Eric. Vice-President, Mordecai M. Kaplan Center for Jewish Peoplehood.  

Caplan, Eric. Chair, Jacob Zipper Award, Jewish Public Library, Montreal.

Frank, Esther. Member, J.I. Segal literary committee and award ceremony.

Frank, Esther. Member, Yiddish committee- Jewish Public Library, Montreal.

Gonshor, Anna. Chair, Second International Yiddish Theatre Festival Symposium, McGill University and the Segal Centre for the Performing Arts, June 2011.

Gonshor, Anna. Member, Yiddish Cultural committee, Jewish Public Library.

Gonshor, Anna. Member, Materials Selection Committee, Jewish Public Library.

Kaplan, Lawrence. Chair: Awards Committee for Prize in Canadian Jewish non-Fiction: J.J. Segal Awards, Jewish Public Library, Montreal.