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Amit Assis, Simon and Ethel Flegg Postdoctoral Fellow

Areas of Interest

Native Israeli (‘Sabra’) Literature and Culture.

Rabbinic Narrative.

Spatial Culture.

Cultural and literary Semiotics.

Authorship Function in Jewish Studies

Digital Textuality


B.A.: The Hebrew University 2000 (Cum Laude) Philosophy

M.A.: Bar Ilan University 2005 Cultural Studies

Ph.D.: Bar Ilan University 2012 Cultural Studies

Dissertation title: 'S. Yizhar: Poetics and Persona of an Author'

Supervisor: Dr. Rachel Albeck-Gidron.


Some publications download available here.

Other thoughts and writings about textuality, literature and Judaism and Israel at the Hebrew blog Con-text.

Current Research in Progress

  1. "'A Silent Autumn Evening': S. Yizhar and the Birth of the Sabra from the Spirit of Literature" – A book in Hebrew based on the dissertation.
  2. “The Poetics of Facing the Unrepresentable” – an introductory essay to S. Yizhar’s poetics and social agency, based on his works that were translated to English.
  3. “Terminal” – an analysis a site of contemporary sense of place based on lyrics by Meir Ariel.
  4. “On Bialiks Conception of Jewish Authorship” – an inquiry into a conceptual turn in Jewish textuality.
  5. “Rabbinic Narrative and Digital Narrative: an inquiry to shared characteristics”.

Selected Publications

Articles in periodicals:

  1. "Literature, Identity and Identification in S. Yizhar's Work and its Reception", Iyunim Bitkumat Israel (studies in Israeli and modern Jewish society) 22 (2012), pp. 260-289.
  2. "Author-ity", Mafte'akh: Lexical Review of Political Thought 2e (2011), pp. 1-28.
  3. "Two Kings, One Crown, and Raban Gamliel's Court: Between Strategies of Justifying Authority and Signification of Time", Jerusalem Studies in Hebrew Literature XXIII (2009), pp. 53-75. [in Hebrew]
  4. "‘A Totally Different This’ – A Close Reading of Linguistic Strategies and of Representation Relations in a Paragraph of S. Yizhar’s ‘Yemei Ziklag", Jerusalem Studies in Hebrew Literature XXII (2008), pp. 457-485. [in Hebrew]

Encyclopedia Entries:

  1. "The Deposit", in: Y. Elstein and A. Lipsker (eds.), Encyclopedia of the Jewish Story, Vol III, Bar-Ilan University Press, pp. 83-114 [in Hebrew]
  2. "The Loan", in: Y. Elstein, A. Lipsker and R. Kushelevski (eds.), Encyclopedia of the Jewish Story, Vol II, Bar-Ilan University Press: Ramat-Gan 2009, pp. 129-144. [in Hebrew]


  1. Co-Translated into Hebrew with Daniel Epstein: Emmanuel Levinas, God and Philosophy, Resling Publishers: Tel Aviv 2004.