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Italian Studies in Montreal

Expertise in Italian Language and Literature is not confined to the Italian Studies department. Montreal has a rare concentration of scholars, both here at McGill and at other institutions, working in Italian Studies from a variety of disciplines: Literature, History, Art History, Sociology, Political Science, Anthropology, Medieval Studies.

At McGill

Within McGill, Professors Anthony Masi, Sociology, and Filippo Sabetti, Political Science, Associate Members of the department, are both experts on contemporary Italy. Professor Masi has done extensive research into the effects of industrialization in the Italian South, while three of Professor Sabetti's publications are devoted to aspects of Italian politics: Political Authority in a Sicilian Village, Politica in Italia: I fatti dell'anno e le interpretazioni and The Search for Good Government: Understanding the Paradox of Italian Democracy.

The department's Associate Members also include History professor Paula Clarke. Professor Clarke is interested in the cultural history of the Italian Renaissance, is the author of a book on power and patronage in 15th-century Florence and has collaborated in the creation of a CD on Marco Polo, sponsored by the Italian Ministry of External Affairs.

At Montreal-area universities

Université de Montréal has professors with expertise in Italian studies: Elisabeth Schulze-Busacker, specializing in "Philologie romane" (Département de linguistique et philologie), Wladimir Krysinski, author of an important volume on Pirandello (Département de Littérature comparée), Bruno Boglioni and Bruno Ramirez (Département d'histoire) and Mariella Pandolfi (Département d'anthropologie).

More specialists in Italian Studies can be found in the Italian section of the Department of Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics at Concordia University.


Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Montréal

The Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Montréal is very active in promoting Italian language and culture in Montreal and is part of a global community bringing Italian culture worldwide. They offer courses to anyone interested in studying the Italian language.

Italian Cultural Institute courses 2009-2010 [.pdf]

PICAI - Scuola di lingua Italiana

PICAI is a Montreal-area organization devoted to the teaching and promotion of Italian language and culture.

Humbul online catalogue

Humbul is a freely accessible online catalogue of quality Web resources for learning, teaching, and research in the humanities. It is funded by the JISC and the AHRB and hosted by the University of Oxford. The Humbul Humanities Hub has an impressive list of resources in Italian Studies' covering areas such as contemporary authors, the mafia, gender studies, linguistics, poetry, and various archives.

Italinemo is an online catalogue of journals of Italian Studies. It can be useful when looking for an article or journal on a particular subject.

Harvard University's resources page for romance languages

The department at Harvard University has compiled an impressive list of academic resources available at this site.

Study Abroad

McGill students who wish to spend a semester or year abroad are strongly advised to see a departmental adviser. Your faculty office has forms that may be completed with the proposed program of study and then signed by a departmental adviser.

Please see the link to the Italian government's Ministry of Education, University and Research. The section Study in Italy provides information for foreign students who wish to attend higher education programmes in Italy, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. This search page provides a data base with links to every university in Italy. Under the section "Living in Italy" the website also provides practical information on attending school and living in Italy for an extended period.

Student interested in McGill's summer program of study in Florence, please consult this page.

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Aside from McGill's own bookstore, which sells primarily textbooks used in courses, the Italian Bookstore is an online store which sells Italian books, as well as films in conjunction with Amazon.

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