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Graduate Students 2012-2013

Serena Convito  is a PhD student in Italian Studies. She holds a Laurea in English and German Literatures from the University of Florence, Italy and a Masters in Modern Italian Literature form McGill. Her field of research focuses on modern and contemporary Italian poetry and narrative, particularly the works of Giuseppe Ungaretti, Dino Campana, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Alda Merini. She has also recently developed an interest in religious studies and it is through this lenses that she is trying to read and link the works of such authors.

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Alejandro Fonseca Acosta.  Currently a Ph.D. candidate in Italian Studies. My multidisciplinary research interests are: the relationship between politics and literature; intellectual history and notion of common good; how the indigenous locality can speak and interact within the globalized world; travel literature and rootlessness in exile; poetry as oral culture and poetry’s relation to social consciousness; hybrid texts as cultural subversions; problems of identity and interculturality in literature. Current dissertation project is an analysis of the Italian- Latin-American literary Cross-paths in the latter half of the twentieth century.  I worked for six years at the Italian Cultural Institute in Mexico City and also worked for six years as Head Librarian of the biggest English Library in Mexico. Since my Bachelor’s degree I have received many merit-based awards and scholarships. Languages: Spanish, Italian, English, French.

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Alessandro Giardino is a Ph.D candidate and Lecturer in Italian Studies at McGill Univeristy, Canada. He is also an executive member of APIQ, Association of Italian Professors of Quebec and a teacher at the Italian Cultural Institute of Montreal. Before joining McGill, he obtained a Laurea in DAMS and a Laurea Specialistica in Art History at Università di Bologna, and he was a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley, and Université de Montreal. In the last few years, Giardino participated to numerous conferences and published professional and academic articles, often applying a visual semiotic and psychoanalytic reading to literary and cinematic texts. In the Fall 2008, Giardino was a recipient of a Mae-Cui Fellowship and worked as Director Assistant at the Italian Cultural Institute of New York. Previously, he had served as Curator Assistant for several galleries and cultural associations. In his doctoral research, Giardino aims at an in-depth understanding of Giorgio Bassani's oeuvre by an analysis of his visual sources, visual references and  recurring visual motifs. Meanwhile, Giardino interprets Bassani’s work  as a case study to develop a methodology of reading literature through visual studies and psychoanalysis.

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Marco Piana.  Before being admitted at McGill University, Marco Piana graduated in Lettere Moderne at the Università di Genova and in Italian Language and Culture for Foreigners at the Università per Stranieri di Perugia.  He is currently researching on Italo Calvino, but his interests range from contemporary Italian literature and cinema to intertextuality and literary theory.

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Mauro Sassi is completing his dissertation under the supervision of Prof. Eugenio Bolongaro. His research is focused on cultural aspects of the representation of reality in Italy’s contemporary media scenario. He already published part of the outcomes of his research in international journals, and his brief history of Italian documentary for The Blackwell Companion to Italian Cinema is due to publication in the following months.

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