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Matteo Soranzo

Research interests

Matteo Soranzo is an Italianist with a strong interest in intellectual history, whose area of expertise is fifteenth century literature and culture.

His current work focuses on Italian and neo Latin poetry, rhetoric and astrology at the court of Naples in the Quattrocento, and especially on the poets Giovanni Pontano and Jacopo Sannazaro. He is also interested in the reception of Plato in the fifteenth century, Marsilio Ficino, Gilles of Viterbo and the diffusion of platonic ideas in the context of Naples. In his research he interprets texts in their intellectual and institutional contexts through traditional techniques of textual criticism combined with analytical concepts borrowed from sociology.

He holds a Laurea in Italian literature and philology from the University of Padua, and a PhD in Italian at the University of Wisconsin (Madison) with a minor in History and European Studies. During his doctoral studies he also attended seminars in early modern paleography at the Newberry Library in Chicago.

His works in progress are a book that investigates the concepts of conjecture and inspiration in Quattrocento Naples, a critical edition of Giovanni Pontano's treatise De Fortuna and an essay on humanistic dialogues. Future projects include a collaborative study on the reception of Marsilio Ficino in Renaissance literature and art.