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  1. The myMcGill web portal is currently unavailable

  2. myMcGill Portal Unavailable

  3. myMcGill portal problems

  4. myMcGill portal back to normal

  5. UPDATE: myMcGill portal now available

  6. UPDATE: Problems with myMcGill portal

  7. Outlook Web Access slow or unavailable

  8. Problems on Banner, Minerva, Data Warehouse, myMcGill portal

  9. myMcGill portal maintenance - Saturday, February 16, 10-11pm

    Update, Sunday, Feb 17 at 11:30 amThe portal maintenance was postponed to Sunday morning due to problems discovered during the operation.  The portal is currently unavailable; we are working to...

    Updated on: 02/17/2013 - 11:58