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For instructors: Walk-in demo and practice sessions for classroom equipment

Published: 3 Sep 2010

McGill Information Technology Services will hold walk-in sessions to demonstrate classroom technology, such as projectors, microphones, document camera (overhead).  These sessions will be held during the second week of classes, Tuesday Sept. 7th – Friday, Sept. 10th, between 7:30 am and 8:30 am, in several buildings and rooms on both Downtown and Macdonald campuses – see the list below.  We encourage instructors to attend these sessions.  You can ask questions and bring your own laptops to get hands-on experience before classes get underway.

Sessions on Downtown campus will be held in these locations:

  • Adams - Frank Dawson Adams Auditorium
  • Arts W-120
  • Arts W-215
  • Bronfman 151
  • Burnside 1B36
  • Education 129 (renovated this summer)
  • Leacock 132
  • Leacock 219 (renovated this summer)
  • Lyman Duff Theatre
  • Martin Amphitheatre (McIntyre)
  • McConnell 204
  • McConnell 304
  • McDonald Harrington G-10
  • Moot Court (Law)
  • Otto Maas 112
  • Palmer Amphitheatre (McIntyre)
  • Rutherford 112
  • Stewart Bio N2/2
  • Stewart Bio S1/3
  • Stewart Bio S1/4
  • Strathcona Anatomy 1/12
  • Strathcona Anatomy M1
  • Trottier 100
  • Wilson Hall 103

Sessions on Macdonald campus will be held in these locations:

  • Raymond 2-045
  • Raymond 2-046

Additional Resources:

  • Check out the Classroom Audiovisual Instructions tool to view photos of your classroom equipment, video demos and detailed instructions.
  • Go straight to the video demonstrations.
  • Press the Audiovisual Systems Help button on your classroom telephone for technical support while teaching.
  • Visit the IT Services website (www.mcgill.ca/it) for additional information on all our services.


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