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New long distance rates for McGill employees

Published: 31 Jan 2008

Network and Communications Services is pleased to announce our new long distance rate plan for McGill employees.

Through Telus, our new long distance service provider, overseas calls are now on average 75% less than our previous rates, for both regular and calling card calls. Calls to Canada and the USA are 50% cheaper.

Effective November 16, 2007, long distance rates are:

Calls to anywhere in Canada: 5¢/minute (down from 10¢/minute)
Calls to anywhere in the USA: 5¢/minute (down from 10¢/minute)
Calls overseas: here are a few examples -

  • Belgium: 7¢/minute (down from $1.31/minute)
  • France: 6¢/minute (down from $0.77/minute)
  • Germany: 6¢/minute (down from $1.18/minute)
  • Greece: 8¢/minute (down from $1.67/minute)
  • India: 32¢/minute (down from $2.22/minute)

For the complete list of overseas rates, refer to the Knowledge Base article What are the long distance rates? For calling card rates, visit the Calling card rates web page.

Note that 16NOV07-15DEC07 long distance charges first appeared in our billing period ending 15JAN08.

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