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New Daylight Saving Time affects computers

Published: 31 Jan 2007

As of March 2007, North American Daylight Saving Time is being extended, starting three weeks earlier and ending one week later.

This change will have an effect on computers, computer applications and mobile devices that rely on date and time calculations, including calendaring and email.

Problems should be anticipated between March 11 and April 1, 2007, and again between October 28 and November 4, 2007.


Operating system updates are strongly recommended, both at work and at home. For users on campus, updates have been (or will be) provided by your LAN administrators. Windows users at home can download relevant updates from Windows Updates.

Microsoft Outlook users should pay extra attention to meetings and appointments scheduled during the affected period. Users should view their Outlook schedule for the above date ranges as suspect. In order to minimize discrepancies users should:

  • Communicate with any invitees confirming the times of scheduled meetings.
  • Include the time of the meeting in the subject of the request so that invitees can double check the correct meeting time (such as, "Project brainstorming - 11:00 am").
  • Exercise caution with appointments and meetings in the extended DST period, verifying the correct time with the organizer.

For further developments, please refer to Announcements on the ICS web page.

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