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SMTP server security policy implementation

Published: 1 Jun 2005
Please be advised that NCS will begin implementation on June 6 of the recently adopted policies regarding the reduction of spam originating from McGill's network. Access control lists will be implemented at the network perimeter to prevent SMTP traffic from the DAS, wireless, VPN and residence VLANS reaching the Internet directly. Machines on these networks should have mail client programs configured to relay via mailhost.mcgill.ca. It may however change the nature of the error message received from 'relaying denied' to 'connection timed out.' Those most likely to be affected are mobile PC and VPN users who switch between our network and a high-speed provider. Most of those users are already familiar with the situation in that Videotron and Sympatico have blocked outgoing port 25 for the last few years. For email client configuration information for supported client programs click on 'More information.'
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