NEW: Data Warehouse high availability - reduced downtime during refresh


The Data Warehouse is a database that contains snapshots of data from Banner and other systems and is used mainly for reporting purposes.  For the past 10 years, the Data Warehouse has been taken off-line every night for approximately 90 minutes in order to be refreshed with production data.

Recently, thanks to the new technology that was brought in as part of last fall's Banner upgrade, the data refresh can be done in the background while the database is running. The result is only a 5-minute downtime at the beginning of the refresh and another 5-minute downtime upon completion, approximately one hour later.

Most applications that access the Data Warehouse, using shared tnsnames or using database links, are already taking advantage of this high availability feature.  Users who did not have to make any adjustments to connection scripts during the Data Warehouse upgrade at the end of August 2010 should not need to do anything now.

Changes required for local tnsnames files:
If you maintain your own DWH connections (i.e. you connect using a tnsnames file that resides on your own computer) then you (or your LAN administrator) need to make changes to your connect strings, as specified in the IT Knowledge Base article, Troubleshooting Data Warehouse issues.

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