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Instructors: Prepare for your classes with the Classroom Audiovisual Instructions tool

Published: 4 Jan 2010

The Classroom Audiovisual Instructions tool lets instructors view the AV equipment in each classroom, and provides detailed instructions. 

We've even added NEW video demonstrations to help you with the basic operations of setting up and using the most common types of equipment.





To access this tool:

  1. Log into myMcGill.
  2. Go to the IT Tools tab
  3. Under Quick Links to IT Sites, click Classroom Audiovisual Instructions.
  4. Enter your building and room to view the equipment, photos, instructions and videos.

If you don't know your room yet you can still view the videos and laptop guides from the Training section of the Classroom Audiovisual Support Services in the IT Knowledge Base.


Need support inside the classroom?
Press the Audiovisual Systems Help (hotline) button on your classroom telephone.


Need support outside the classroom?
Contact contact the ICS Service Desk at 514 398 3398 or email support [dot] ist [at] mcgill [dot] ca.

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Contact: ICS Service Desk
Office Phone: 514-398-3398
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