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Enhanced laptop lending program unveiled

Published: 28 Jul 2008

The increasing rate of laptop lending on campus has produced an attractive new partnership between the McGill Library and Information Technology Services that is designed to improve service and availability to students and staff.

As of August 6, IST Customer Services (ICS) will manage the laptop maintenance of software and hardware, as well as their re-purposing or disposal. The McGill Library will manage the lending service, which includes more than 100 laptops, funded by the CIO, for loan at the following six locations:

  • Humanities and Social Sciences Library
  • Howard Ross Library of Management
  • Macdonald campus Library
  • Marvin Duchow Music Library
  • Nahum Gelber Law Library
  • Schulich Library of Science and Engineering

The number of locations to obtain a laptop has grown and the hours of service have expanded, increasing by up to 55 percent. The large-scale lending of laptops by McGill Library is in keeping with the trend at university libraries across Canada.

Laptops will feature the same basic software that is installed on the current group of public-use library PCs, and many will also include MATLAB. As well, in response to demand on campus, extra funding has been put toward our growing number of Macintosh machines.

The McGill Library will continue to partner with IST Customer Services for IT support throughout this new partnership.

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