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Completed IT Projects

The list below provides a sampling of key projects that were completed in the past year. For information on current projects, please see the IT Projects page.

SciQuest Banner Invoice Integration

The goal of this project is to increase the efficiency of the invoice process at McGill through the receipt and automated processing of electronic invoices that will replace paper equivalents. This opportunity will also be used to review and streamline additional processes related to invoice processing.

Partner units: Financial Services, Procurement Services
Scheduled launch date: May 2014


This project enabled fee collection for official transcript requests, subject to rules defined by Enrolment Services.

Partner unit: Enrolment Services
Launch date: April 2014

Pension Management System Replacement

Replacement of the existing Pension System with a third-party hosted solution that allows users to log in with their McGill credentials.

Partner unit: Pension Advisory Committee
Launch date: December 2013

Payroll Bi-Weekly Frequency Conversion

This initiative converted McGill employees from a semi-monthly payroll frequency to a bi-weekly payroll frequency in an effort to harmonize pay frequencies and calendars within McGill.

Partner unit: Human Resources
Launch date: December 2013

Graduate Admission Project

The Graduate Admissions Project (GAP) assessed the current application and evaluation process for graduate admissions, focusing on the student experience, availability of technologies and improving the information available to the decision makers. GAP streamlines the overall process in order to provide a faster, more effective service resulting in a more timely decision communicated to applicants. The project is directly tied to the university’s ‘green’ initiatives that prioritize using fewer resources and reducing costs and time.

Partner unit: Enrolment Services, Graduate & Post-Graduate Studies
Launch date: November 2013

Facilities and Space Management System (FAMIS)

Implemented a system that provides an accurate inventory of all spatial data, and manages the planning, design and construction/renovation process. Additionally, it tracks all facilities operations from the initial service request, to fulfilling the work order and finally to customer billing.

Partner units: Campus and Space Planning Office (CSP) and Facilities Operations and Development (FOD)
Launch date: Phased launch, starting in October 2013

Electronic Health Care Record

Implemented a fully integrated, interoperable electronic health record system for the on-site campus clinics. This new Software supports the clinical processes that were formerly carried out manually.

Partner unit: Services for Students
Launch date: September 2013

myCourses upgrade

Improved the functionality and usability of myCourses by upgrading to a more recent release.

Partner unit: Teaching & Learning Services
Launch date: August 2013

Preferred First Name Project

The goal of this project was to create a more respectful and welcoming campus environment for students. The changes introduced by the Preferred First Name Project will ensure that all students, including the 11% who have identified first names other than their legal names, are well-served by the University. The expansion of the Preferred First Name Procedure is of special benefit to Trans and gender non-conforming students whose legal first name does not align with their gender identity or presentation. Rather than marginalizing a group of students, these changes allow us to provide service in an inclusive and supportive manner. Advising appointments, interactions with Security, Service Point, and other service units on campus will now respectfully engage students in the way they define themselves. The expanded implementation of the Preferred First Name Procedure is in line with McGill’s student-centered approach and contributes to McGill’s ongoing commitment to create an open, welcoming and inclusive campus climate for all our students.

This project received the Principal’s Award for Administrative and Support Staff.

Partner unit: Enrolment Services
Launch date: Summer 2013


Improved the existing calendar production processes with a more efficient and automated process based on the university’s new Content Management System, and provided a more readable, searchable, and navigable web-based calendar to the university community.

Partner unit: Enrolment Services
Launch date: 2013