Completed IT Projects

The list below provides a sampling of key projects that were completed in the past year. For information on current projects, please see the IT Projects page.

Name Summary
Non-Credit Activity Registration

Implement a solution for the School of Continuing Studies (SCS) to enable them to effectively market and manage their non-credit activities and services offered to both the entire McGill community and the general public. These non-credit activities include classroom courses, webinars, online courses, seminars, workshops, tutoring sessions, conferences, and testing services. The solution will standardize processes across all SCS units, reduce staff effort required to manage these activities and will increase revenues as a result of the improved marketing capabilities and ease of registration.

Partner unit: School of Continuing Studies
Completion date: June 2015

Supplies Manager Project

The primary goal of this joint partnership between Procurement Services and Dentistry is to put a scalable inventory management solution in place for all internally and externally sourced goods for Dentistry. This will eliminate the need for separate goods ordering processes while lowering operating costs.

Once the system is successfully implemented, it can serve as model for other McGill entities that require an integrated procurement and inventory management solution.

The project comprises three blocks; a requirements definition segment; a scoping exercise to refine the needs; followed by a solution implementation.

Completion date: May 2015

Drupal 7 Upgrade Project

This project ensures that the McGill Web Management System’s underlying software remains up-to-date and secure, providing site managers with numerous improvements to the toolset to help them publish timely information to end users including improvements to file and image management, slideshows and galleries, webforms and restricted pages.

The update also brings improvements to the end users as the new software will adhere more closely to web standards and provide improved support for mobile devices including HTML 5 video support.

Completion date: Upgrade to be completed May 2015

McGill Dentistry Clinic

The goal of this project is to implement the audio-visual technologies, server infrastructure, network, telephony, and desktop support for the Faculty of Dentistry’s new dental clinic and learning space at 2001 McGill College. For more information, see Dentistry's New Facility.

Partner units: Faculty of Dentistry, Facilities Operations & Development, Teaching & Learning Services
Scheduled launch date: September 2014
Completion date: March 2015

Exchange and Study Away

Simplify the process of students finding and requesting course equivalencies when researching or applying for Exchange and Study-Away programs. This project will contribute to the University’s larger goal of increasing participation in these programs, as per the Strategic Enrolment Management Plan.

Partner units: Enrolment Services, Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning)
Completion date: Phase 1: March 2014; Phase 2: April 2015