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IT Statistics

McGill IT's grades
(from the The Globe and Mail's Canadian University Report 2013):

  • Information Technology (Overall): A
  • Speed of On-Campus Internet Connection: A
  • Availability of Computers On-Campus: A
  • Access to Course / Teaching Materials On-Line: A
  • Labs and Research Equipment: B+


Technology Usage at McGill

Electronic Thesis Submission & eScholarship@McGill: 24,707 theses are currently available electronically via eScholarship@McGill.

Lecture Recording System: In 2011-12, 330 courses featured recording in the classroom. There are 152 courses using it in Fall 2012.

Mercury: Some 31,000 students use Mercury each semester to evaluate their courses and instructor.

myCourses: myCourses is currently used in 2,643 courses (Fall 2012). In general, more than three-quarters of courses at McGill use myCourses, which in 2012 was relaunched as a new learning management system on campus.

myMcGill: Over 22,000 concurrent sessions are held by myMcGill during daily peak periods.

McGill Channels: More than 989 McGill channels supply filtered information to students who wish to import events into their calendar or subscribe to a McGill feed with their RSS reader.

Wireless coverage: 3653 access points are deployed at McGill (includes classrooms, residences and libraries). Service is currently available in 147 buildings situated across two campuses and the Gault Estate; this includes 490 different classrooms and 33 student residence buildings (1,067 access points in residences alone), making for about 11,000 simultaneous connections on campus and 3000 in residence.

Audiovisual Equipment: In 2011-12, 55% of all AV loans were made by students, and 57% of all online reservations for AV equipment were made by students. The most often borrowed items were: adaptors (Mac Mini DVI to VGA), cables, cameras (still and video), clicker sets (for presentations), data projectors, digital recorders, extension cords, laptops, receivers and clickers for professors, wireless classrooms microphones.

myFuture: Four campus career centres at McGill use myFuture software to search for internships and full-time, part-time and summer jobs, and to access online career resources. The database features around 10,000 different employers and, at any one time, 1000 to 1200 jobs are posted. Over 20,000 McGill students logged in to myFuture in 2011-12.