IT Security Incident Response

To report a phishing or spam email, a virus, malware, or an infected computer, contact the IT Service Desk directly. For other IT security incidents, see below.

The following is an excerpt from the IT Security Incident Response Protocol, 2008.  For the complete document, see the University Secretariat site, under the heading "Protocols":

"... Any member of the University community must report a suspected IT security incident according to normal practice within their unit. This could be to their supervisor, directly to their IT service team for their Unit, or to IT Service Desk (514-398-3398). However, if the security incident involves many users, such as a virus outbreak, individual reporting is not required.

Furthermore - All such suspected IT security incidents must also be reported to Information Security via infosec [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email) or at 514-398-3704 -- either by the individuals who discover them, or in those cases where they have alerted their Unit, by the Unit.

Where the IT security incident involves physical security issues in addition to IT security issues, the incident may instead be reported to the University Security Services who will in turn alert Information Security..."

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