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SYTACom goes live

SYTACom will serve as an intellectual watering hole, drawing together and nourishing researchers working on advanced systems and technologies in communications. The new infrastructure will pool knowledge and build networks.

Published: 24 Feb 2005

Notice of change to Banner Proxy server

NCS IST Security will OPEN restrictions currently set on the Banner Proxy Server (Windows) on Tuesday, February 22, at 08h30. The change is being performed to resolve an intermittent slow connectivity problem that is being experienced by some NetWare clients who use Banner. Although we do not anticipate any problems as a result of the change, ICS Customer Support has been notified and are prepared to report any abnormalities to NCS.

Published: 18 Feb 2005

Update to Minerva downtime - February

10 pm Sat., February 19, 2005 to noon Sun., February 20, 2005.

Published: 17 Feb 2005

Mydoom mass mailing worm affecting McGill email system

The W32.Mydoom.AX@mm worm is spreading through the McGill email system.

Published: 17 Feb 2005

Telephone scam - You have won a trip to Florida

Please be advised of the telephone scam about winning a trip to Florida. This is a scam and you have not won a trip. Pressing "9", as suggested, will generate a long distance charge on your telephone. McGill Network and Communications Services reported the automated call to Bell Canada this morning.

Published: 15 Feb 2005

Reggie and WebTools unavailability - Feb. 19, 2005

Please note that the Reggie IT service account manager will be unavailable on Saturday, February 19, 2005 from 09h00 to 17h00 due to an upgrade. Affected functions include changing passwords, as well as viewing and/or changing account information, payment information, email address information and UEA redirection. VPN, DAS and wireless access may experience intermittent authentication errors -- please try reconnecting after a short wait should this occur. All other functions including email access should remain intact. CFI WebTools and other Web services such as Elms, Drama and the Guest Network Account creation program will also be unavailable during this period. During the weekend, any persistent and urgent problems should be reported to 514-398-3699.

Published: 14 Feb 2005

McGill telephone system experiencing technical difficulties

Some of the main telephone numbers are not working due to a technical problem with the McGill telephone system. We are working on resolving this problem.

Published: 8 Feb 2005

Email problem of 06FEB05 resolved

Due to a system problem, approximately one quarter of incoming and outgoing email messages were returned to senders today between 11:10 am and 11:50 am. The problem has since been resolved and email delivery is back to normal.

Published: 7 Feb 2005

Minerva downtime - February

10 pm Sat., February 19, 2005 to 10 am Sun., February 20, 2005.

Published: 7 Feb 2005

Minerva downtime - January

10 pm Sat., January 29, 2005 to 10 am Sun., January 30, 2005.

Published: 24 Jan 2005

Reminder - Worf (Novell NetWare) public domain server decommissioning

As part of the overall university initiative to phase out NetWare file and print services, all services currently provided by WORF (public domain NetWare server) will be migrated to a Windows environment or eliminated no later than Friday, January 14, 2005.

Published: 12 Jan 2005

High volume on Minerva and Banner

If the system is slow in granting you access, please be patient and do not attempt to log in using multiple screens.

Published: 6 Jan 2005

Banner/ Minerva immediate shutdown

Banner/Minerva will be temporarily shut down at 1:30 this afternoon as a result of ongoing system difficulties.

Published: 6 Jan 2005

Banner/ Minerva now operational

Banner/Minerva has been restored. The system may not be operating at normal speeds. Please be patient.

Published: 6 Jan 2005

Engineering e-learning

Representatives from Quebec's universities descended on McGill to discuss "instructional engineering" and how to incorporate technology in the classroom.

Published: 9 Dec 2004