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Latest virus threat — ZoTob worm

There is a worm spreading around campus called ZoTob. If you notice that your computer is shutting down unexpectedly you might be infected.

Published: 18 Aug 2005

ICS desktop customers

With the introduction of Active Directory (AD), a new feature in the directory structure is being provided, allowing you to segregate in your Home drive (R:) your non-position-related files (e.g., your email pst files).

Published: 11 Aug 2005

CANCELLED: PO-BOX mail server unavailable Saturday, August 13 evening

Please note that the previously announced unavailability of the PO-BOX mail server (@po-box.mcgill.ca) on Saturday, August 13, 2005 has been cancelled.

Published: 10 Aug 2005

Minerva monthly downtime — August

10 pm Sat., August 13, 2005 to 10 am Sun., August 14, 2005.

Published: 10 Aug 2005

Network roaming profile message

If you receive the following message upon logon: "Your roaming profile is not available. The operating system is attempting to log you on with your locally stored profile" — the message being displayed is only informative and has no effect. It is recommended that you click on the OK button and not wait until the countdown completes to bypass this message.

Published: 2 Aug 2005

LISTSERV unavailable August 14 from 10 am to 6 pm

On Sunday, August 14, between 10h00 and 18h00, the LISTSERV service will not be available while LISTSERV is migrated to a more powerful server and upgraded to a later version. All submissions to LISTSERV will be queued and processed upon completion of the migration/upgrade.

Published: 1 Aug 2005

PO-BOX email unavailable Friday, August 5, 2005 evening until Sunday, August 7 evening

Please note that email on the po-box server (@po-box.mcgill.ca) will be unavailable beginning Friday, August 5, 2005 at 18h00 until 18h00 Sunday, August 7, 2005 while maintenance is being done. Incoming messages will be queued and delivered once the system is back up. Note that this work is in preparation for increasing the size of po-box mailboxes.

Published: 27 Jul 2005

Minerva monthly downtime — July

10 pm Sat., July 23, 2005 to 10 am Sun., July 24, 2005.

Published: 18 Jul 2005

PO-BOX email unavailable Sunday, July 31 night to Monday, Aug. 1 morning

Please note that email on the po-box server (@po-box.mcgill.ca) will be unavailable beginning Sunday, July 31, 2005 at 22h00 until 8h00 Monday, August 1, 2005 while maintenance is being done. Incoming messages will be queued and delivered once the system is back up.

Published: 14 Jul 2005

Reminder: Student email accounts activated after registration

New students should note that they will not be able to set up and use their McGill email account until the next business day after they register.

Published: 7 Jul 2005

PO-BOX mail server unavailability 11JUL05

Please note that the PO-BOX mail server (po-box.mcgill.ca) will be unavailable on Monday, July 11, 2005 from 8:00 am to 8:30 am, due to a maintenance procedure. Incoming mail for PO-BOX users will be queued and delivered when service is restored.

Published: 7 Jul 2005

Update: McGill telephone problem

Further to our previous announcement, 90% of telephone service has been restored to all McGill buildings in the affected area surrounded by des Pins Ave. W., McTavish St., Docteur-Penfield Ave. and de la Montagne St. NCS is working to have full normal service restored by 17h00 today — or 09h00 tomorrow morning (July 7, 2005) at the very latest. McGill NCS apologizes for the inconvenience and appreciates your patience and understanding.

Published: 6 Jul 2005

McGill telephone problem

The following McGill buildings are experiencing telephone problems today: Education, McIntyre, Stewart Biology, 3605 Mountain, Rabinovitch, Duggan, Hosmer, Chancellor Day Hall, All Law Building on Peel Street. We will provide more information when it becomes available.

Published: 6 Jul 2005

Online student directory

A new online Student Directory is now available by clicking on the "Student directory" link at the top right of the McGill home page (and coming to a McGill web page near you within the next week or so). Inclusion in this directory is at the student's discretion (by default you are not included). If you are a student and you want to appear in this directory, you must log in to Minerva, go to the "Student Menu," click on "Student Directory" and choose the email address and/or a phone number to publish. You can also decide who can see your information: the world (everyone) or only the McGill community (those who first log in with McGill credentials). You can make it easier for your fellow students and colleagues to contact you by opting in to the Student Directory. Encourage others to opt in as well. The more students participate, the more effective the directory will be.

Published: 30 Jun 2005

Now online: McGill University student directory

An online directory of McGill students is now available. It features public pages that are viewable by anyone as well as community pages that are viewable by the McGill community only. Students choose via Minerva which type of page will house their contact information, or if any of their contact information will be put on McGill web pages at all (the default setting for each student is "do not publish"). Information chosen to be published is accessed on the McGill University student directory page.

Published: 30 Jun 2005