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WebCT CE link removed

Starting May 1, 2006, only WebCT Vista will be used for teaching. The link to WebCT CE has been moved from www.mcgill.ca/webct. If you need to access WebCT CE, click on "More information" below for instructions.

Published: 8 May 2006

Some students accessing myMcGill will continue to experience login errors

Some students will not be able to log in to the University portal, myMcGill, due to a technical problem. The students affected by this problem will see the message "Invalid username or password. Please try again" even when their credentials are correctly entered. This problem is being investigated. Please monitor future announcements for when this issue has been resolved.

Published: 4 May 2006

McGill portal database login errors

The University portal, myMcGill, continues to experience intermittent problems. Unstable data in the database is causing some problems for users logging into myMcGill today. Please try again later if you have difficulty signing in. The problem is being investigated.

Published: 3 May 2006

McGill web portal is down for maintenance until 17:00 today

The University portal, myMcGill, is experiencing many failed logins. As a result, the system will be down for maintenance from 16:30 to 17:00. You may experience a disruption of service during this period.

Published: 2 May 2006

System admin reminder on NetWare to Windows migration

All departmental NetWare servers should be removed from operation. The infrastructure that supports all other NetWare servers and services (IPX, SLP, Zen, NDS, etc.) will start to be dismantled on Thursday, May 4, beginning with the Banner forms server. Everything will be phased out by the end of May. Please send notification to ds [at] lists [dot] mcgill [dot] ca if you have questions.

Published: 2 May 2006

McGill portal database is currently overloaded

The University portal, myMcGill, is experiencing intermittent problems due to database overload. Users may be denied access to login or receive field errors. Please be patient while the problem is investigated.

Published: 2 May 2006

Archive of Winter 2005 courses on WebCT CE on May 1

In order to optimize our server resources, on Monday, May 1, at 5 pm we will archive all Winter 2005 courses, move the Winter 2005 semester offline and remove it from your myWebCT. All your course data will be preserved in this archive and all other semesters will remain unaffected. This will require no action on your part. As an instructor or course designer, if you require access to your Winter 2005 courses in the future, you should contact ICS Customer Support with your McGill ID and the full Course number, Section number and CRN (Example: ABCD-123-001 - 9876) of the Winter 2005 course. Your course content will be brought back online within 6 hours of the request being made.

Published: 1 May 2006

Catch the Teaching and Technology Fair on May 4

All McGill instructors are invited to the Fair to share their teaching experiences with different technologies and demonstrate how they use them for teaching and learning. Register early using the online registration form (click on "More information"); prizes for early registration will be awarded! If you want to showcase your work and/or demonstrate examples at the Fair, please email Adam Finkelstein by April 28. The Fair takes place at the Faculty Club on Thursday, May 4, from 1 to 4 pm.

Published: 26 Apr 2006

STAFF & ELF email unavailable Friday, April 28, overnight

Please note that the STAFF and ELF mail servers will be unavailable from Friday, April 28, at 11:00 pm to Saturday, April 29, at 11:00 am, due to an upgrade. Incoming messages will be queued and delivered once the systems are back up.

Published: 26 Apr 2006

REGGIE, CallCentre and WebTools unavailable this weekend

Please note that the REGGIE IT Services Account manager, CallCentre, CFI WebTools and other Web services such as ELMS and Guest Network Account creation will be unavailable from Saturday, April 29, at 10:00 pm to Sunday, April 30, at 10:00 am, due to an upgrade.

Published: 25 Apr 2006

PO-BOX slowdown

Maintenance work on the PO-Box Mail Server will be performed on April 20, from 07h00 to 12h00. Though no service interruption is expected, users may experience slow response. We thank you for your patience.

Published: 20 Apr 2006

Free computing clinics - NEW

Is your computer compromised? If it's experiencing any of the symptoms listed under "Details," it may be.

Published: 19 Apr 2006

WebCT Vista is operational

WebCT Vista was down this morning and has now been restored.

Published: 18 Apr 2006

WebCT Vista down

We are currently experiencing a problem with WebCT Vista. We will update you when information is available.

Published: 18 Apr 2006

Minerva monthly downtime - April

10 pm Sat., April 22, to 10 am Sun., April 23.

Published: 13 Apr 2006