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Staff email moving to Exchange server 2010

Staff mailboxes will be moved to Exchange server 2010 in batches starting on August 8. Staff will receive general and personal email notifications from IT Services before accounts are moved, with any pertinent details about the move, including any action you need to take in preparation.

Published: 31 Jul 2011

Minerva/INB (Banner) is once again available

Minerva and INB are currently available once again. The issue has been resolved and we regret the inconvenience.

Published: 25 Jul 2011

Email for Staff - issues opening some messages and calendar items

Some staff members have reported receiving error messages when attempting to open messages and calendar items in both Outlook and Outlook Web Access/App. IT Services staff are looking into the issue to resolve it as quickly as possible. Please check the IT Services website for status updates. We apologize for the inconvenience to those who are affected.

Published: 13 Jul 2011

Problems with Xerox printers – related to “Xerox Accounting” setting

Yesterday afternoon we discovered that some Departmental Xerox printers, which required “Xerox Accounting”, had the “accounting” setting disabled on the print server; print jobs sent to these printers were deleted without being processed. If you are experiencing problems printing to a Xerox printer, please notify the ICS Service Desk (support [dot] ist [at] mcgill [dot] ca, 514-398-3398).

Published: 6 Jul 2011

Latest update on release of incorrectly quarantined email attachments

IT Services has experienced problems releasing the quarantined attachments to affected staff members and has stopped the process. If you are missing attachments from received or sent emails, you will receive a targeted email with instructions.

Published: 9 Jun 2011

Update: release of incorrectly quarantined email attachments

IT Services will begin releasing recovered email attachments to affected email users.

Published: 7 Jun 2011

Update: some email attachments incorrectly quarantined

Jun6, 4 pm: IT Services continues to work to release and deliver any file attachments quarantined over the weekend between 2 am Saturday and 11:45 am Sunday, due to problems on a staff email server.

Published: 6 Jun 2011

Status Update: problem with some staff email incorrectly quarantined

We are currently determining the most efficient way to release these messages with the least inconvenience to any email users affected by this problem. Thank you for your patience while we work on your behalf.

Published: 6 Jun 2011

Problem with staff email: some messages with attachments incorrectly quarantined

Note the following problem affecting staff email: Starting at around 2:00 am Saturday, June 4, email messages containing attachments were incorrectly quarantined by the Exchange email security system. This Exchange server is used by about 50% of staff members and is not used by students or alumni. Read the full announcement for details.

Published: 5 Jun 2011

Status Update: Email delivery back to normal

Email delivery is now back to normal.

Published: 3 Jun 2011

Warning: Phishing email entitled "Helpdesk Report! MCGILL is upgrading the email servers to Microsoft Exchange 2011 (from Exchange 2003/2007)"

Be aware of fraudulent email entitled "Helpdesk Report! MCGILL is upgrading the email servers to Microsoft Exchange 2011 (from Exchange 2003/2007)" that are circulating at McGill. The email asks you to click a link and fill in information to "activate" a mailbox move and increase your storage space. Read the full announcement for details.

Published: 1 Jun 2011

CANCELLED: ApplicationXtender/ DiskXtender upgrade tonight May 20, 6:00 pm to May 21, 10:00 am

The ApplicationXtender system (including AX client, AX Web Access and Minerva Finance Imaging) maintenance upgrade that was scheduled for Friday, May 20 at 6:00 pm until Saturday May 21 at 10:00 am, has been cancelled.

Published: 20 May 2011

IT Knowledge Base has a new look & URL: http://kb.mcgill.ca

McGill’s IT Knowledge Base now has a new URL: http://kb.mcgill.ca. As always www.mcgill.ca/it provides direct links to the IT Knowledge Base, which offers a complete range of information related to campus IT services. But starting this week, a version upgrade gives the IT Knowledge Base a new look and back-end improvements that will allow greater integration with the McGill website.

Published: 18 May 2011

IT Knowledge Base upgrade coming May 18

IT Services will be upgrading to a new version of the IT Knowledge Base on May 18, 2011. The upgrade brings us to the latest release from the vendor and paves the way for a tighter integration of the Knowledge Base with the McGill web system in the future. Users will notice a clean new look with improved readability. Note that URLs for articles will change. See full announcement for details.

Published: 10 May 2011

BlackBerry Enterprise Server problem – server being restarted

There is a problem with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). The server is currently being restarted. Messages will not be delivered over the BES for approximately one hour during this restart. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Published: 5 May 2011