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Wireless network protocol 802.11b to be decommissioned in REZ

The 802.11b wireless protocol will be decommissioned on the wireless network in McGill Residences (REZ) at the end of January 2011 and is scheduled to be decommissioned on the McGill campus by mid-2011. If you are suddenly unable to access the McGill wireless network you may need to upgrade your network card.

Published: 12 Jan 2011

Status update: Course registration problem resolved

The course registration issue reported last week for students with holds has been resolved.

Published: 11 Jan 2011

Status Update: Athletics On-Line Services resolved

The Athletics On-Line Service has been stabilized. We are still monitoring the situation for any changes and will keep you updated accordingly.

Published: 11 Jan 2011

Athletics On-Line Service - experiencing problems

Some users are experiencing problems logging into the Athletics On-Line Services to register for activities.

Published: 11 Jan 2011

Course registration - problem and workaround for students with holds that are now ended

Due to a problem with the registration system, students who had registration holds that are now ended cannot use the Class Schedule form to register for these courses. Instead, please use the Quick Add or Drop Course Sections form in Minerva until the situation is resolved.

Published: 7 Jan 2011

Status Update: myMcGill portal issues due to high volume

Due to high volume of usage at the beginning of term, the myMcGill portal has been experiencing intermittent problems. To remedy this situation we have established a cap on the number of simultaneous connections permitted. If you try to log in when this cap is exceeded, you will be directed to the following web page: http://www.mcgill.ca/it/it-mcgill/when-mymcgill-unavailable

Published: 6 Jan 2011

UPDATE: Problems with myMcGill portal

There is currently a problem with the myMcGill portal. Please see the full announcement for details and status update. While the portal is unavailable, you can access IT Services using their direct links from the following web page: http://www.mcgill.ca/it/it-mcgill/when-mymcgill-unavailable

Published: 4 Jan 2011

Delays in receiving email from external senders

Due to a large volume of email sent to students via a McGill listserv, there was a delay in the delivery of messages originating from external senders this afternoon, between approximately 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm. The backlog is now cleared and email delivery should be back to normal.

Published: 3 Jan 2011

Welcome to IT Services for New Students

New to McGill? Learn about McGill's IT Services and attend an iCare workshop to set up your computer to access McGill's wireless network and other IT resources.

Published: 3 Jan 2011

RESOLVED - Problems with Minerva Reports

The problem with Minerva Reports was resolved around 2:45 pm.

Published: 22 Dec 2010

Problems with Minerva Reports starting at 12:50 pm

There is currently a problem with Minerva Reports. Technical teams are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Published: 22 Dec 2010

RESOLVED - problems with Banner, Minerva, myMcGill portal at 9:18 am

There was a problem with Banner, Minerva, and the myMcGill portal this morning. These services were unavailable from around 9:10 am to 9:18 am. They are functioning normally once again.

Published: 22 Dec 2010

New features for WMS sites

Starting Tuesday, December 21, several new features will be added to Web Management System (WMS) websites, including: a streamlined administrative interface, advanced layout options available through a drop-down selection, custom path feature to specify a custom path for a page, similar to the Page Title, recursive path generation to reflect the menu hierarchy even when a parent page is moved.

Published: 20 Dec 2010

Delay in delivering some incoming email sent today between 1 and 1:40 pm

Delivery of some incoming emails from external (non-McGill) sources, sent Friday Dec. 17, between 1 pm and 1:40 pm, may be delayed for up to 24 hours.

Published: 17 Dec 2010

RESOLVED - problems with Banner, Minerva, Data Warehouse, myMcGill portal

Problems with Banner, Minerva, the Data Warehouse and the myMcGill portal have been resolved and these services are once again available.

Published: 7 Dec 2010