Never share your McGill password!


You must not share your McGill password or ask others to do so. The Code of Conduct states that "…if you do allow your access code to be used by others, you are responsible for all usage and activities carried out with [those credentials]…" – unauthorized access may lead to legal prosecution. In addition, sharing your McGill password allows others access to your personal information, such as pay stubs and tax slips on Minerva, making you vulnerable to identity theft.

Your McGill Username and McGill Password grant you access to:

  • myMcGill (which features automatic sign-on to your email, Minerva, WebCT Vista, Library Account and the McGill Web System)
  • Wireless service
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • DAS (Dialup Access Service)
  • Logging into your desktop/departmental file storage
  • Logging into campus computer labs
  • and more IT systems in the future

It's important to remember that a single password governs your access. When you share it you allow others to view sensitive informaton stored across many different systems.