Mercury Course Evaluation Period... Winter Term 2008


The course evaluation period for regularly scheduled courses (lectures that end the week of April 7) will be available to students for completion on Minerva from March 17-April 12, 2008, inclusive.

End-of-term course evaluations provide instructors with feedback that can be used to improve future courses and are one indicator of teaching performance for tenure and promotion. They also allow students to learn about courses and instructors from previous students' responses.

Please remind students to fill in the course evaluations to ensure an adequate response rate.

Students can access their course evaluations by logging into their Minerva account where a pop-up window will appear prompting students to fill out their evaluations. If no pop-up window appears, they can access the course evaluations by:

  • Selecting Student Menu
  • Clicking on Mercury Online Course Evaluation Menu
  • Then on Submit your course evaluations