McGill staff: reset the McGill Password of resource account(s) you manage


In May, we requested that you change your McGill Password. Now, as a resource account(s) sponsor, we ask that you take action to ensure their password is also changed.

Unless you are the sole user of a resource account, changing its password requires some coordination:

  1. Review the attached list of resource account(s). If you are no longer the sponsor for one or more accounts, or see someone who should not be listed as a sponsor, notify the IT Service Desk, making sure to provide the name of the new sponsor if you know who that is.
  2. If there is more than one sponsor for an account, contact them to decide which of you will be responsible for changing the password.
  3. If a resource account is no longer in use and you wish to close it, please first verify with any other sponsors/users of the account. Once you've confirmed it is unneeded, notify the IT Service Desk.
  4. Notify all authorized users of a resource account that you will be changing the password, and give them the new password. This is best done by phone or in person to protect the security of the password, and ensure users can continue to access the account.
  5. To reset the McGill Password for a resource account, go to Reggie (, and click on Change Account Information, then select McGill Password.
  6. Once you've followed the onscreen instructions to change the password, we urge you to tell the resource account users to follow Step 2 and onwards of the Password Reset Checklist, so they can identify various IT services, such as wireless or VPN, where they might have saved the password. Following each step on the checklist greatly reduces the chance of experiencing any problems.

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If you experience any problems following the checklist or changing passwords, please contact McGill's IT Service Desk at ITsupport [at] or by phone at 514-398-3398.