Internet Explorer prompts to install Java updates


Starting on September 9, 2014 Internet Explorer will begin prompting users to install the most recent version of Java when they attempt to access sites that use the Java plugin. This type of prompt is already present in Chrome and Firefox.

What this means for McGill enterprise systems
Many McGill systems, including Banner (INB) and Documentum (Centerstage and Webtop), will not work correctly with the latest version of Java; they require an older version, which has been installed on most administrative systems.  For units that are supported through central IT Customer Services (ICS), we will be overriding the IE settings remotely so you should not be impacted by this change.

For units not supported by central IT Services, if you are prompted to install a new version of Java, and you also run systems such as Banner, Centerstage, Webtop, Captiva/ Input Accel, FAMIS or Call Centre Anywhere, DO NOT click the option to install the latest version; instead click the option to "Run this time" whenever prompted. This will ensure that you keep the Java version(s) required to support the applications you use.

If you accidentally update your installed version of Java, contact your system administrator, or see the resources listed below.

Additional resources