IMPORTANT: Electrical maintenance shutdown affecting Burnside and McGill Datacentres on July 18, 5 to 6 am


On Wednesday July 18 between 5 am and 6 am  there will be a shutdown of electrical power to numerous locations on campus, including Burnside and Ferrier Datacentres.  During this time, both Datacentres will be on emergency power.  

We do not anticipate any interruption of central IT Services.  However, as with any procedure that involves electrical work, there is a risk that essential IT services may be disrupted, including:  

  • The McGill websites
  • Exchange (email)
  • myCourses
  • Network file access
  • All other central IT services

Other buildings affected:

During this maintenance window, the following buildings will lose network connectivity once the UPS backup batteries die (after 15-20 minutes):

Bronfman,McLennan Library, Red Path Library, Strathcona Music, New Music, Leacock, Dawson Hall, Arts, Morrice Hall, SSMU, Peterson Hall, Redpath Hall, Muse Redpath Museum, Ferrier, Power house, Rutherford, Burnside, 1085 Dr. Penfield, 3437, 3463, 3465, 3471, 3475, 3479 & 3491 Peel street, 3438 & 3450 McTavish street, James Admin, Wilson Hall, Birks Building, 3550 University.

For IT system status updates you may phone NCS Status Line at 514-398-8255. We appreciate your patience during this maintenance period.

*Note concerning non-IT systems:

This announcement from IT Services only mentions IT systems affected by the electrical shutdown. Other systems, such as air conditioning and lights may also be unavailable; please consult the individual building directors for these details.