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Recent PhD and MA Theses (2008-2012)

The following table is a list of PhD Theses completed between 2008 and 2013. Most can be accessed online by clicking on their individual title, or by using the eScholarship link.


Thesis Title



Nathan Spannaus

Islamic thought and revivalism in the Russian Empire: an intellectual Biography of Abū Nasr Qūrsāwī (1776-1812)

Emre Unlucayakli

The official discourse on religion in post-1980 Turkey: the official boundaries of the religious field, national belonging and heritage

Farah Kawtharani The state in modern Islamic Shi'i thought: Imam Muhammad Mahdi Shams al-Din.
Aaron Scott Johnson A revolutionary young Ottoman: Ali Suavi (1839-1878).
Walter Edward Young The dialectical forge: proto-system juridical disputation in the Kitāb Ikhtilāf al-'Irāqiyyīn (2 vols.).


Abdurahman Abdullahi The Islamic movement in Somalia: a historical evolution with a case study of the Islah Movement (1950- 2000).
Mehmet Kadri Karabela The development of dialectic and argumentation theory in post-classical Islamic intellectual history.
Mohammad Saani Ibrahim The decline of Sufism and the rise of a new Islam: some factors contributing to the political and social ascendancy of Wahhabist Islam in Northern Ghana.
David Mason Investigating Turkey: detective fiction and Turkish nationalism, 1928-1950.
Basak Ozoral Economic engagement of religious ethics in a global economy: the rise of Islamic capital in Central Anatolia as a new economic power, 1980-present.
Gulay Yilmaz The economic and social roles of janissaries in a seventeenth century Ottoman city: the case of Istanbul.
Mida Zantout Women, mothers, and children: colonization and Islamic law in the Lebanese state.
Gina Marie Bonelli Farabi's virtuous city and the Plotinian world soul: a new reading of Farabi's «Mabadi' Ara' Ahl Al-Madina Al-Fadila.
Line Khatib Islamic and Islamist revivalism in Syria: rise and fall of secularism in Ba'thist Syria.
Nathalie Tremblay La conception des droits fondamentaux : discours et pratiques.
Jose Abraham Modernity, Islamic reform, and the Mappilas of Kerala: the contributions of Vakkom Moulavi (1873-1932).
Charles Douglas Fletcher Isma'il al-Faruqi (1921-1986) and inter-faith dialogue: the man, the scholar, the participant.
Damien Triffon Janos Intellect, substance, and motion in al-Farabi's cosmology.
Lathiful Khuluq Democracy, participation, and empowerment: poverty alleviation programs in Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Benaouda Bensaid Towards a model of  «da'wah» in contemporary societies: the case of Shaykh Muhammad Al-Ghazali (1917-1996).
Mohamed Rashad Moalim-Ishak The ethical evaluation of brain dead persons and organ transplantation in contemporary Muslim ethics.
Abdul Muthalib The mystical teachings of Muhammad'Abd al-Karim al-Samman, an 18th century sufi.
Nadia Wardeh The problematic of «turath» in contemporary Arab thought: a study of Adonis and Hasan Hanafi.

The following table is a list of MA Theses completed between 2008 and 2013. Most can be accessed online by clicking on their individual title, or by using the eScholarship link.

Thesis Title
Hamid Usman Early Timurid-Mughal politics and historiography: a case study of a little known amīr, Shāh Qulī Khān Mahram (952-1010/1545-1601).
Sana Saeed In the presence of absence: a history of the future of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon 1993-2000.
Mehrnoush Shafiei Conceiving Iran's future: youth and the transition to parenthood.
Hussam Eldin Ahmed From Nahda to exile: a story of the Shawam in Egypt in the early twentieth century.
Candace Mixon The Jadids in Bukhara: the juxtaposition of the reforms of Aini and Fitrat.
Lambertus van Lit Two Ottoman intellectuals on the issue of God's knowledge: Khojazāda and 'Alā' al- Dīn al-Tūsī.
Arfiansyah The politicization of «shari'ah»: behind the implementation of «shari'ah» in Aceh-Indonesia.
Kianoosh Hashemzadeh Not a place, but a culture: the cultivation of Iranian subjectivity in Montreal.
Alexander Reddaway The practice of pigeon flying in Southern Tehran and its image in Iranian society.
Jehan Shibli Women at work: a study of Pakistani domestic workers and prostitutes in the UAE, 1971-2009.
Efe Atabay Eugenics, modernity and the rationalization of morality in early republican Turkey.
Hashir Majoka Islam and the Turkic Tajik symbiosis in Central Asia.
Carrie Serban A study of the Ottoman guilds as they are depicted in Turkish miniature paintings.
Abd Alfatah Twakkal Ka'b al-Ahbar and the Isra'iliyyat in the Tafsir literature.
Pascal Chahine (Re)Constructing Beirut: Helem and "local" homosexualities.
Nora Parr The construction of Palestinian identities in the Arabic-Palestinian novel.