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Graduate Students

Below you will find a listing of some of the current students of the Institute of Islamic Studies (IIS).

This list is intended to foster communication and scholarly interaction between Institute students, students of other institutions and also for potential Institute students who desire more information about the IIS from a student perspective.

To contact a particular student, please email them directly or send your request to Students and it will be forwarded.

Disclaimer: The following list shows those students in our department who have consented in writing to have their names appear below; it is not necessarily a complete list of all of our graduands and/or current students.


Aun Hasan Ali, PhD candidate
(BA, Rutgers University, 2003; MA, McGill University, 2007)
Area of Interest: Twelver Shiism
Email: Aun Hasan Ali
Supervisor: Rula J. Abisaab

Christopher Anzalone, PhD candidate
(B.A., History and Religious Studies, George Mason University)
(M.A., Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Indiana University, Bloomington)
Areas of Interest: His primary research interests are the comparative study of religious-nationalist (or nation-based) and transnational Islamist groups, Sunni Islamist militancy and jihadi movements, modern Twelver Shi'i socio-political movements and Muslim visual culture.  Much of his work focuses on Islamist visual culture and use of new media technologies by both Islamist-nationalist and transnational jihadi groups.  More specifically, he is interested in the way in which the "martyr," martyrdom, and violence are portrayed in their visual culture.  His dissertation will focus on the politics of sectarianism and the comparative study of the narrative construction and social utility, for purporses of intra-communal solidarity and social mobilization, of conceptions of martyrdom, self-sacrifice, and military jihad by Sunni and Twelver Shi'i groups in Iraq and, due to ties between groups, in Syria.  Another major research interest is Somalia's Harakat al-Shabab al-Mujahideen insurgent movement in Somalia.
E-mail: Christopher Anzalone
Supervisor: Rula Jurdi Abisaab
Co-Supervisor: Khalid Medani

Dima Ayoub, PhD candidate
(BA, University of Windsor, 2002; MA, McGill University, 2005)
Area of Interest: Modern Arabic Literature / Arabic Literature in Translation / Arabic Novel in English/ Postcolonial Literature/ Feminism & Gender Studies
Research Topic: Dima Ayoub is a PhD candidate with a Graduate Concentration in Gender and Women’s studies. Her primary academic interests are in the Modern Arabic novel (in Arabic and in English) with particular emphasis on issues of translation, postcoloniality, feminism and political and linguistic occupation. Assorted other interests include theories of translation, queer politics, queer cyberspaces, use of colloquial and slang in Arabic literature, English language interactions with Arabic language and literature.
Email: Dima Ayoub
Supervisor: Michelle Hartman

Davlat Dadikhuda, MA candidate
(BA, Philosophy and Islamic Studies, University of Toronto, 2013)
Area of Interest: Philosophy, Avicenna's philosophy in particular.
Supervisor: Robert Wisnovsky

Omar Edaibat, PhD candidate
(BA, Political Science and Human Rights, Carleton University, 2008; MA, Religious Studies, University of Toronto, 2011)
Area of Interest: Islamic Law and Legal Theory / Contemporary Islamic thought / Sufism
Research Topic: the multiplicity vs. unity of truth in Islamic legal epistemology
Email: Omar Edaibat
Supervisor: Ahmed Fekry Ibrahim

Heather Empey, PhD candidate
Research Topic: Ibn Tumart and Almohadism
Supervisor: Robert Wisnovsky

Pauline Froissart, PhD candidate
(BA, Philosophy, Université Catholique de Louvain, 2009; MA, Philosophy, Université Catholique de Louvain, 2011)
Area of Interest: Islamic Philosophy - Avicennian and Post-Classical Philosophy - Suhrawardi's philosophy and commentators.
Supervisor: Robert Wisnovsky

Mohammad Hannan Hassan, PhD candidate
Research Topic: Inter-Faith dialogue in Mediaval Islam: Educational Implications

Asif Iftikhar, PhD candidate
(B Com (Accounting) and MBA (Finance), Punjab University, Lahore; MA (Islamic Studies), McGill University -- thesis on jihad and establishment of Islamic global order).
Area of Interest: Islamic law and philosophy.
Research Topic: 'Ilm al-Wada' and Usul al-Fiqh
Email: Asif Iftikhar
Supervisor: Robert Wisnovsky

Muhammad Ahmad Munir, PhD candidate
(BA (Hons.), Islamic Studies, Arabic, Computer Technology, Sheikh Zayed Islamic Center (SZIC), University of the Punjab, 1997; MA, Islamic Studies, 1998, M.Phil, Islamic Law,2003, SZIC, University of the Punjab,)
Area of Interest: Eclectic fiqh and Muslim family laws in Pakistan / History of Islamic legal theory / Therapeutic jurisprudence.
Research Topic: I am interested in exploring the question of “an eclectic fiqh” in Pakistani Muslim family law that invokes legal theories of all four Sunnī classical schools of thought in a way that is intended to bring conformity between law and the needs of a modern, diverse and cosmopolitan society.
Email: Muhammad Ahmad Munir
Supervisor: Prof. Ahmed F. Ibrahim

Jean-Mathieu Potvin; PhD candidate
Research Topic: Islamic legal thought and practice in the contemporary world

Sally Ragep, PhD candidate
Research Topic: an edition and English translation of the elementary astronomical text of al-Mulakhkhas of `Umar al-Jaghmini (fl. 1st half of the 13th c., Khwarizm), its commentary tradition, and its significance for teaching in Islamic societies; the teaching of the exact sciences in the madrasas
Supervisor: Robert Wisnovsky
Co-Supervisor: Faith Wallis 

Hasan Umut, PhD candidate
(BSc, Industrial Engineering, Bogazici University, 2009; MA, History, Istanbul Bilgi University, 2011)
Area of Interest: History of Science in Islamic Socieites
Email: Hasan Umut
Supervisor: F. Jamil Ragep

Peiyu Yang, PhD candidate
(BA, Shanghai International Studies University, 2011; MA, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2013)
Area of Interest: Contemporary Arabic Literature; Al-Nahdah
Supervisor: Michelle Hartman