Career Services

The McGill Faculty of Education provides career services tailored specifically for students in the Teacher Education and Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology) programs, in partnership with the University’s Career Planning Service (CaPS). We support students’ career development by providing individual career advising, offering engaging career events & workshops that bring together students and industry professionals/employers, and fostering student leadership in the community and beyond.

Student Leadership & Community Engagement

Getting involved makes a difference. We encourage and support student leadership and engagement in university/career events and community-based initiatives. These activities support our students’ professional development and help to build a strong community within the Faculty.

Emerging Careers

An Education degree opens up a world of possibilities. Classroom teaching is only one of many areas where our graduates can apply their knowledge and talents in building their careers. We identify and promote emerging and diverse opportunities in education, and encourage our students to gain experience outside the classroom with the goal of helping them explore career options beyond traditional teaching.

Worldwide Career Opportunities

Expanding your geographical career horizon. We offer numerous opportunities for our students to meet and interact with international employers, including providing workshops related to full-time and summer employment opportunities, as well as seminars with skilled professionals with international field work or volunteer experience.

Skill Development

Equipping your professional toolkit. Today’s market requires that graduates be familiar with a wide range of tools and technologies, in addition to being aware of their rights and responsibilities as educators. We offer complementary skill development workshops designed to assist students to improve their marketability and ensure a smooth and confident transition into the workforce.

For Employers

Employers interested in recruiting our talented students and graduates should contact the [at] (Education Career Advisor) or the main CaPS office. We can provide employers with a variety of services to help them find the best students for their employment needs. Our recruitment services are provided to employers free of charge and are offered year round.

Please consult the employer section of the CaPS website for more information on services available.

Get involved!

The Education Career Advisor is always looking for volunteers for career and student life events (i.e. Open House, Career Fair, special events). It’s a great way to get to know your classmates and to develop your skills and experience. If you’re interested, please get in touch with the [at] (Education Career Advisor). For other student life events, check out the Education Undergraduate Society page!