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Transferring from MSc to PhD

As an MSc student in the IPN, you can transfer to the PhD program through the Transfer Seminar/Candidacy Exam if:

  • You have a GPA > 3.3 out of 4.0 at the Masters level
  • AND
  • You have the recommendation of your Advisory Committee that you are an appropriate candidate for PhD studies, you may transfer from the MSc program to the PhD program.

M.Sc. students who wish to pursue a PhD degree but who have not obtained the minimum 3.3 GPA in their M.Sc. course work while in the IPN must submit a Master's thesis and apply for the Ph.D. level afterwards.

The transfer from MSc to PhD may be completed any time within the time limitations for the MSc degree, but no later.

Students must be registered in NEUR700 for the term in which they take the Candidacy Exam and must submit an application for the PhD program to Graduate Studies.

The steps in the process are summarized below:

1) Submit Ph.D. Thesis Proposal and present to Advisory Committee.

2) Advisory Committee recommends proceeding with Transfer Seminar/Candidacy Exam.

3) Complete the Candidacy Exam (the IPN office requires two weeks notice)

4) Transfer students:  please note that if you are transferring to the PhD, you do not have to submit any supporting documents.  Please go to Uapply and create a profile and user ID. Then notify ipn [dot] admissions [at] mcgill [dot] ca of your intention to transfer.