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Thinking Art at the Sid Lee boot camp

What: A day-long workshop hosted by Art and Ideas in Motion (AIM), a research creation team within the Institute for the Public Life of Arts and Ideas (IPLAI) at McGill University. With the support of the Dean of Arts Development Fund.

When: Saturday, 15 September 2012

Where: Sid Lee Bootcamp, 8 Queen St.

Our Mission: By fashioning a research-creation methodology, AIM seeks to enable substantial dialogue between humanities and the arts around questions about creativity and public life. This is a matter not only of what scholarship and artistic work have to teach each other, but also an affirmation of their essential kinship—that arts and humanities are products of both intellect and imagination and that both possess the potential to draw people into new ways of being and acting together.


8:30-12:00—Creation workshops
Members of the Montreal creative community are invited to join McGill faculty, students and staff, to participate in workshops on theatre, visual art, song, clowning, poetry, dance, and architecture and design. Participants will work collaboratively toward producing an original work or original reinterpretation of an existing work, during the morning session. No artistic training or proficiency is required -- in fact, won't let you join if you already have training or proficiency in the medium of a particular workshop! Artists are welcome to participate in workshops that focus on a medium other than their areas of specialization. (In other words, dancers, for example, cannot join the dance workshop, but would be welcome to join, say, the digital arts workshop.) The goal of the workshops is to invite people with no expertise in a particular artistic medium to spend the morning together exploring the intellectual and expressive potential of that medium, with the guidance of a specialist workshop leader.  The afternoon will be devoted to exhibiting/performing what has been practiced in the morning (we are not expecting polished products!) and reflecting on art as intellectual process. 


1:00-4:30—Performance, Reflection
Workshop participants will perform or exhibit the work they created in the morning session and will interact with scholars interested in art as critical practice and as research. Discussion will build directly on the work produced in the morning session but will also include short prepared presentations by invited speakers and exhibitions/presentations by invited artists.

4:30-5:30—Roundtable discussion
An hour of reflection on the outcomes of the day’s activities, led by key thinkers and arts practitioners.


Creation Workshops

1. Theatrical Arts. Leader: Paul Hopkins, Artistic Director, Repercussion Theatre    

2. Dance. Leader: Margie Gillis, Executive and Artistic Director, Margie Gillis Dance Foundation    

3. Architecture and Design. Leader: Tim McDonald, co-founder, Onion Flats    

4. Poetry. Leader: Linda Gregerson, award-winning poet; Caroline Walker Bynum Distinguished University Professor of English Language and Literature, University of Michigan    

6. Music. Leader: Charity Chan, Artistic Director, Le Caribou Sonore

7. Clowning. Leader: Yves Dagenais, École nationale de cirque de Montréal

8. Visual Art. Leader: Kit White, visual artist