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The Enchanted Island at the 2013 Conference of the International Leadership Association

Thinking Art 2012 (Photographed by Sylvain Latour)
In celebration of the magical night of Halloween, which falls on October 31, delegates at the 15th Annual Conference of the International Leadership Association (ILA) and members of the McGill community are invited to take part in a special Thinking Art atelier. Participants in The Enchanted Island will imagine themselves shipwrecked on an island with no hope of rescue and no hope of returning to the world they have known. The castaways find themselves in imminent danger of succumbing to fear and to a looming sense of despair.

Fortunately, there are seven magic spirits on the island. The spirits are in actuality seven outstanding artists. Each spirit will lead one group of participants, creating works of art—plays, stories, dances, works of visual art, pieces of music—that shape the history of the island, begin to fashion its culture and society, and transform the ragged crew of castaways into a community of islanders.

Participants in The Enchanted Island will experience how artistic practice can promote team-building and leadership as service and sharing.  They will access the untapped muses within, travel into the world of the imagination, and discover the power of art to rescue us from despair and to foster our courage, confidence, and sense of adventure.

Thinking Art 2012 (Photographed by Sylvain Latour)
Thinking Art participants make art in different forms, including theatre, visual art, music, clowning, dance, and drumming. No artistic training or proficiency is required. In fact, we don’t let participants join a group in an art form in which they have expertise. If you have trained as a dancer, you can’t join the dance group, but you’ll be welcome to join the group doing theatre or visual art. The goal of Thinking Art is to induct people into a new world where they can explore the intellectual and expressive potential of art and where they can experience the power of artistic practice to create community, build relations of trust and mutual support, and ignite individual and collective initiative, inventiveness, and achievement.

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