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Independent Reading Groups

Winter 2012 Series

Legal History: Exploring the Legal in the Historical and the Historical in the Legal

Over the course of seven sessions, this reading group will explore how historians and legal scholars specifically, and other scholars generally, approach legal history. The goal is to provide a forum in which scholars from a variety of disciplines across McGill can come together to discuss legal historical issues and questions. In particular, it is an outlet for those interested in legal history to learn from one another and discuss their common research interests. We will begin by asking what “legal history” is, and then explore how legal scholars utilize history and how historians utilize the law. For most sessions, we will read and contrast an article written by a Professor of History to one by a Professor of Law on a related topic. Topics will include the study of legal cases, legal biographies, labour conflict, urban pigkeeping, “monstrous births”, and the use of fiction in legal history.

Reading List

charles [dot] hoffman [at] mail [dot] mcgill [dot] ca (Contact): Charles Hoffman (Law) and Raminder Saini (History)
Meetings: Tuesdays, 2:00-4:00pm: 17, 31 January; 14, 28 February; 13, 27 March; 3 April
3610 McTavish St., room 21-6