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Independent Reading Groups

Fall 2012 Series

Learning Environments Across Disciplines (LEADS)

Learning sciences is a humanities and social sciences discipline with an interdisciplinary focus, combining expertise across several areas such as education, psychology, and computer science. Significant advances in the theoretical, instructional, methodological, and analytical foundations of this field have been made in the recent years that have impacted our understanding of learning and instruction. As such, the purpose of these reading group sessions is to reflect on some of these advances and discuss some of the complex issues that arise from the intersections across these domains. The broad questions addressed across these sessions include: (1) What are the current challenges in improving theories of learning and engagement?; (2) What are innovative approaches in promoting learning and engagement with computer-based learning environments?; (3) How can we assess, intervene, and provide feedback in relation to learning and engagement in the context of computer-based learning environments?; (4) How can we appraise instruction in terms of its efficiency, efficacy, sophistication, and adaptivity? We welcome and invite attendees interested in discussing these issues and their implications for learning in different disciplines, namelly science, history, engineering, and medicine.

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Contacts: susanne [dot] lajoie [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Susanne Lajoie) and eric [dot] poitras [at] mail [dot] mcgill [dot] ca (Eric Poitras)
Meetings: Fridays 12pm-1pm: 21 September, 5, 19 October, 2, 16, 30 November
3610 McTavish St., 21-6