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Independent Reading Groups

Fall 2011 Series

Designing Diversity: Gender, Culture, Race and Class and the Shaping of Space

This reading group intends to bring together students and scholars with diverse backgrounds with the common interest in how diversity issues of gender, culture, ‘race,’ age, and class are played out in six specific sites. By focusing on specific places, we can compare different demographic groups. These sites progressively increase in scale: closet, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, house, and city. The readings span architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, cultural geography, anthropology, feminism, queer studies, literature, and curators. Additionally, readings cover such diverse places as Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and local concerns in Montreal.

Reading List

designingdiversity [at] gmail [dot] com (Contact): Frederika Eilers (Architecture) and Julia Tischer (Architecture)
Meetings: Thursdays, 11:00-1:00pm: 15, 22, 29 September; 10, 17, 24 November
3610 McTavish St., room 21-6