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PLAI 500 (Fall 2013): Advanced Interdisciplinary Humanities Seminar

Movement Practice: Thought and Technique in Motion

Instructors: Alanna Thain (English) and Michael Jemtrud (Architecture)

This interdisciplinary course tracks and enacts movement techniques from different areas of art and academic practice to explore how thought moves through techniques of corporeal, mediatic, social and political mobility.  The course will include three units ('Media Ecologies', 'Technical embodiment', and 'Moving on the social and political field', each  combining critical theory, expert practitioners from a variety of fields (including dance, architecture, cinema, gaming, and more) and student centered experimentation with research-creation projects. Our aim is to collaboratively develop working concepts of movement. Students will both explore existing movement practices and develop their own techniques for putting thought in motion. How do ideas circulate? How might we conceive of collective forms of movement, or the unconscious choreographies we participate in in our habitual disciplinary practices? How can a thought take flight?