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PLAI 300 (Winter 2011): Interdisciplinary Humanities Topics

Studying Place and Reinterpreting Chorography

Instructors: Ricardo L. Castro (Architecture) and guest faculty

This course is an entry to an interdisciplinary study of place. Re-appropriating and re-interpreting Ptolemy’s Notion of Chorography* (description of place), we will attempt to present some of the significant ways in which place has been thought historically and philosophically, what the strategies have been to describe and represent it, and what its impact has been in specific disciplines, such as architecture, art, law, literature, and political science.

*From chôra [Greek; def. Liddell-Scott-Jones Lexicon]: a space or room in which a thing is, partly occupied space; country, land(s), territory, country as opposed to town; place, spot, i.e. move from place to place; (time and) place; position of an element in a text (metaphor).