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Professor Wendy Adams

Faculty of Law

My research interests include commodification, post humanist approaches to animal-human relations, critical legal pluralism, and law and popular culture. I am currently analyzing the ways in which we govern ourselves, and our obligations to each other, with reference to legal norms that originate within popular culture rather than the political state. I focus on works of critical dystopia, particularly the bio-punk genre, to explore a discursive understanding of law as knowledge rather than reified rules. From this perspective, law is understood as normative aspiration, an "alternity", to use Cover's term, that takes us from the world-that-is to the world-that-ought-to-be. "Playing" within popular culture is more than entertainment. As we use narrative fiction to explore the normative possibilities open to us, we are quite literally "playing  for keeps".

wendy [dot] adams [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Contact Professor Adams)