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Tina Piper

Professor Tina Piper

Faculty of Law

In my research, I am interested in investigating how creators use intellectual property rules, whether formal law, or informal rules or arrangements they create amongst themselves. I have investigated contemporary and historical situations, from independent music labels in Montreal and Canadian lawyers’ contemporary copyright practices, to early twentieth century Canadian university research scientists, late nineteenth century physicians and mid-twentieth century Canadian military officers.  To do this I work collaboratively and inter-disciplinarily. This work has inspired a book being published in Winter 2013-2014 by Oxford University Press entitled Putting intellectual Property in its Place, collaboratively written with an English professor and a professor of Art History. This book outlines our methodology of studying intellectual property as it occurs in communities and endeavours. My current work explores how the idea of an intellectual property commons, popular now because of movements like Creative Commons, first took shape in preparation for war. I am also interested in how professions share and protect their specialized knowledge.

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