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Monica Popescu

Professor Monica Popescu

Department of English, Faculty of Arts

I am interested in knowledge formation within the academia and public culture—the processes that create or illuminate new topics of debate and research, while sinking others into oblivion. My current project is concerned with the formation and consolidation of academic paradigms that study the work of postcolonial intellectuals, especially from Africa and the Caribbean during the Cold War. Postcolonial studies and Cold War scholarship are preoccupied with contemporaneous cultural phenomena; however, they have seldom crossed paths. In order to understand the formation of this blind spot, I look at texts (essay anthologies, literary texts, historical documents) and participants (academics, activists, politicians, publishers) that have given the two fields separate directions or, on the contrary, that have created moments of convergence nowadays forgotten. Reading postcolonial texts against the backdrop of the Iron Curtain, I seek to foreground a triangle of interactions among and within the West, the Eastern Bloc, and the global South.

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