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Professor Mark Antaki

Faculty of Law

Attunement and Resonance

I have several current projects that touch on the theme of memory and echo. One project involves inquiring into several taken-for-granted keywords of Canadian constitutional law to see (and hear) how they resonate in contemporary legal rhetoric. Some of these words are used and turned to with no memory of their initial use and sense - but their initial use and sense does leave an echo in contemporary usage. A second project involves tracing some of the relation of politics and law with what has come to be known as aesthetics. In particular, I am working on the turn to the imagination in contemporary legal theory and its relation to the question of the enchantment of the world - and engaging with the work of political theorists for whom enchantment and imagination are important questions. Finally, I am inquiring into the idea of the exemplary – worthy of both memory and of imitation - by way of a reading of Plato’s Republic. I am interested in exploring Plato’s confrontation with the exemplary by way of his treatment of mimesis and of the relations human beings entertain with both “origins” (to use temporal or historical language) and “originals.” I am also interested in the various ways in which The Republic can be read, and has been received, as a, if not the, exemplary work of philosophy.

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